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Deal of the Week: Cardo Bluetooth Systems 20% Off

Communication is the key to any successful relationship—so whether you’re riding with your partner, your friends, or someone else entirely, it’s important to have tools that keep you in touch. Cardo knows that, and so do our friends at RevZilla—which is why they’ve marked down tons of Cardo’s best products by 20% this week! Check out all discount Cardo products here or read on for our faves.

Cardo Headsets 20% Off

Packtalk Edge

Cardo Packtalk Edge Bluetooth Headset

Regular Price: $389.95, Sale Price: $311.96 (20% Off)

2nd gen Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology with easy pairing and awesome intercom quality—the Packtalk Edge is killer comm system from a brand known for offering the best. Over-the-air software updates and a convenient AirMount system are nice features to have as well. Also available in a duo pack.

Check it out at RevZilla

Freecom 4X

Cardo Freecom 4X Headset

Regular Price: $269.95, Sale Price: $215.96 (20% Off)

Able to connect up to 4 riders a three-quarters of a mile apart, the Freecom 4X also offers Natural Voice Operation technology to keep your hands free and your focus on the road ahead. It uses Bluetooth 5.2 for dependable performance, USB-C charging so you can juice it up fast, and over-the-air software updates to keep your unit current. Available in a duo pack as well.

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Freecom 2X

Cardo Freecom 2X Headset

Regular Price: $209.95, Sale Price: $167.96 (20% Off)

With the same reliable Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, the Freecom 2X offers nearly all the features of the previous unit on this list at a lower price. You just have to content yourself with a single rider for company instead of a group of up to three others! Waterproofing, FM radio, and seperate channels for smartphone and GPS connections are standard features too. Oh, and those 40mm JBL speakers sure are nice. You can get this in a duo pack too.

Check it out at RevZilla

Spirit HD

Cardo Spirit HD Headset


Regular Price: $149.95, Sale Price: $119.96 (20% Off)

One of Cardo’s most basic but popular units, the Spirit HD is perfect for connecting with a single other rider. It has another channel you can use to pair it with a GPS system or mobile device simultaneously, plus FM radio if you don’t feel like streaming your own music anymore. With up to 13 hours of talk time on a full charge and 10 days of standy time, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here. Also comes in a duo pack.

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Packtalk NEO

Packtalk NEO

Regular Price: $349.95, Sale Price: $279.96 (20% Off)

Cardo’s latest (and greatest?) Packtalk device uses a simple clickable mount instead of the Edge’s AirMount tech, and features new and improved hi-def 40mm JBL speakers. It also uses Cardo’s improved Natural Voice Operation engine to simplify voice commands and give you superior control while you’re on the road. Just say “hey Cardo”, tell it what you want, and prepare to be amazed. We certainly are!

This one’s (you guessed it) available in a duo pack too.

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