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Damon HyperSport Crosses $40m in Orders, To Set Up New Manufacturing Plant

A 3D rendering of the new plant being built in Surrey for Damon Motorcycles

Damon Motors has announced that its HyperSport motorcycle has surpassed the $40m mark in preorders. The HyperSport is one of the most impressive electric motorcycles we’ve seen, and the team behind it strongly believes it’s also the safest one out there.

A side view of a Damon Hypersport in front of a night landscape scene

The Hypersport is capable of a claimed 200+ miles per charge (highway and city combined) and can hit a 200mph top speed, thanks to peak output figures of 200hp and 200Nm of torque (148lb-ft). Damon has also stated that the HyperSport will make a 0-60mph sprint in under three seconds. It’s no surprise that the bike has garnered a fair share of interest from prospective buyers. 

Equipped with some cool features like Damon’s ‘CoPilot’ advanced warning system and ‘Shift’, which alters the riding triangle between sport and commuter, the HyperSport is set to be a game changer. You can head here to know more about the HyperSport, and here to read about our conversation with Jay Giraud, CEO, Damon Motors.

CEO Jay Jiraud with his hand on the Damon HyperSport motorcycle

Damon also announced its plans to establish a manufacturing and R&D plant in Surrey, B.C., Canada. The 110,000 square foot facility is being developed with Bosa Properties and will be home to the HyperSport. Damon will reveal more details on the project tomorrow, October 5. What we do know is that the new manufacturing plant is expected to stimulate Surrey’s local economy with several hundred jobs. Projections suggest that by 2025, the plant will create more than 300 high-tech manufacturing jobs and more than 500 high-tech office jobs.

A projector screen showing the Damon HyperSport with CEO Jay Jiraud indicating certain features

“As Damon accelerates a clean energy future with our electric vehicles, we’re also introducing a cleaner, industry-leading manufacturing process,” said Jay Giraud, co-founder, and CEO, Damon Motors. “We’re excited to produce our highly anticipated HyperSport motorcycles here in Surrey, British Columbia, and look forward to this world-class facility delivering the safest and cleanest premium, high-technology motorcycles on the market.”

A night-scene of a rider trying out the Damon Hypersport

The HyperSport is currently available in four variants – SE, SX, HS, and Premier. Prices for the SE, SX, and HS start at $16,995, $19,995, and $24,995, respectively, and you can place a preorder for just $100. Meanwhile, the Premier will set you back $39,995 with a booking amount of $1,000.

A side view of the Damon HyperSport motorcycle