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Custom Motorcycle Helmet Conversions: The Transformers Bumblebee Helmet

Creating a unique motorcycle helmet is not for everyone. Not all bikers want a helmet that is different in some way from others. And that is ok. This article, however, is for the crazy weirdo’s that want to make something a little custom. Let’s get started.

Like most custom helmets, you are not going to find a helmet that looks like Bumblebee from the movie Transformers sitting on a shelf at your local Harley Davidson dealership. Not anytime soon. Therefore, you are going to have to make it for yourself.

How to make a Custom Transformers Bumblebee Motorcycle Helmet

1. Get the parts and materials needed. You are going to need a Bumblebee Helmet, a motorcycle helmet, screwdriver, some glue, and some yellow paint. A spray can will do, and a little clear coat on top to make it stand up to the next hail storm.

2. Take the Transformers helmet apart and put it back together around a DOT rated motorcycle helmet.

Sounds easy – but perhaps a video is in order.


Bumblebee Motorcycle Helmet Video Tutorials


Video by: chasein3d


Bumble-Bee Helmet in Action


Video by: Tigerpause


What about the Steam Punkers?

You can always go full steam punk style with this setup too. A little copper paint, and rustic metal should do the trick. Sorry, no video on this baby.

Steampunk Copper Bumblebee Helmet Profile by artfordable on deviantART