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Custom Eye Candy: A VRSCF American Mean Muscle Masterpiece for the Masses

If Naughty Had a Name…

AutoEvolution has just covered a bike project from the shop of Tommy and Sons – and if there were ever a perfect blend of ‘mean’ and ‘sophisticated’, this bike would fit the bill perfectly.

The report states that the 2016 VRSCF required a nasty 280mm rear tire and conversion kit, alongside the a unique custom bodywork to make sure the tire fit everything to spec.

“To make the entire new rear assembly look apart, a special body kit had to be devised,” comments the article. 

“In this case, we’re dealing with something the shop calls Photon Series, and it includes anything from the radiator cover to the taillight, and, of course, the very sculpted fuel tank in between.”

A view of the 2016 VRSCF that Tommy and Sons pimped out for a customer

We’re told that the front fender is from a series called ‘reDevoted’. It covers the custom wheels, which carry a sweet Arnott air suspension kit and Akrapovic exhaust system – perfect for the stock 60-degree V-twin engine. We’ve also got a shop-milled rear fork, pulley, and side-mounted number plate holder, along with a custom-designed rear fork.

“What is big and aggressive, yet sophisticated? A 280 tire on a V-Rod. And that’s exactly how we went with it,” comments Tommy and Sons official website.

As usual when it comes to Tommy and Sons builds, we don’t know the price of the thing; however, the report states that ‘most visible parts’ add up to just little over €2,600 ($2944.59 USD) –  so expect this to cost a nice chunk out of the piggy bank. 

A view of the 2016 VRSCF that Tommy and Sons pimped out for a customer

For more custom builds, be sure to hit up our archives this season; hope you’re enjoying the end-of-year festivities, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

*All media sourced from AutoEvolution*