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Cold Weather Riding Gear

Awesome Cold Weather Riding Gear

Baclava -Price: Sale $29.99 – Keep your head and neck windproof and waterproof (That’s you Old Man Winter) with an insulated baclava from Chaos CTR. This thing is machine washable so you won’t have to breath in your coffee breath from last weeks morning run.

Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet: Price: $249.95 & FREE Shipping.– The Rogue from Bell has a removable face-mask that will block out he coldest of wind chills. It’s not a full face helmet, so you won’t have the head in a bubble feel and still have the crash protection you are gonna need should the road get icey and dicey.

Bobster Eyewear Bugeye II:Price: $24.95 & FREE Shipping –  Riding glasses are not going to keep out the wind chill like a pair of Bugeye’s from Bobster Eyewear. These will keep from fogging up from your man-breath when you are at stop, and you are not going to have any problems with your eye’s sweating either.

Firstgear 90 Watt Heated Jacket Liner -Sale: $169.99 & FREE Shipping – A lightweight, soft nylon shell hold in 90 watts of heat you control on demand. Flick the switch, and “flame on.” Ok, this mid-base layer will not light you up like the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four, however- it will keep those frozen nipples in check.

Firstgear Mens Heated Pant Liner – Sale: $164.46 & Free Shipping –  Moisture wicking heated pants? Ok tough guy, now you’ve got it (and that pair of yours) covered – and heated.

Fly Racing Ignitor Gloves – Sale: $163.57 & FREE Shipping – Genuine leather and thinsulate insulation will not restrict your throttle movement (and stop sign engine reving – you know who you are) and the 4 adjustable heat settings will keep your sweaty palms from getting too sweaty. The lithium ion battery also will last a lot longer than going to the gas station and back home.

BIKER ARMOR LEATHER JACKET-$119.99 & FREE Shipping (save $130.01) – Cowhide leather with removable 5 section armor will protect you at the damage points you need it most. Leather jacket,   – Biker Armor.

Z/O Insulated Motorcycle Leather Chaps – $69.95 & FREE Shipping (save $80.00) –  We have all been there, riding home a little too late without our chaps. It’s dark, and cold, and we would give up just about anything to either be home, or have a good pair of chaps on.

Bates Men’s Tahoe Motorcycle Boot – Price: $135.99 – $270.00 – For years I rode with shoes on, until one day I didn’t. Now – I won’t. I may be getting old, but my ol’ trusty pair of boots are getting old with me.

There you have it, get a jump start on the riding season in 2015 with the 1st Gear Guide installment– The Cold Weather Gear Guide- a few essentials to warm your ass up.  No more copouts. No more “It’s too cold to go riding.

Z/O Insulated Motorcycle Leather Chaps Pants Baclava Firstgear Mens Heated Pant Liner Bell Rogue Helmet  BIKER ARMOR LEATHER JACKET Bobster Eyewear Bugeye II Firstgear 90 Watt Heated Jacket Liner Men's Tahoe Motorcycle Boot Fly Racing Ignitor Gloves HTML Map