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Cleveland CycleWerks Reveals Some Specs for Its Upcoming Electric Motorcycle

Cleveland CycleWerks Flacon BLK specs

The Falcon’s Numbers Looks Pretty Good

A while back I reported that Cleveland CycleWerks would be releasing its first electric motorcycle, which will also be its first American made motorcycle. The bike is called the Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon and there will be two different versions—Falcon 01 and Falcon BLK.

There will be an official reveal of the bikes on March 20th. I’ll be visiting Cleveland to check out the bikes and cover the reveal. However, on the company’s Facebook page, it showcased some of the Falcon BLK’s technical specifications, which you can see in the image above.

Here’s a quick look: the bike weighs 150 pounds, has a range of 180 miles, and a clutchless direct drive powertrain. The max speed for the bike is over 85 mph, and there’s an Angry Pixy Mode, which will provide a boost of power described as an “electric nitrous boost.” The motorcycle also comes with Michelin Pilot Power Tires and brakes from the Sphere Brakes company. The bike will also get a two-year unlimited mileage power pack warranty. 

The company also shared an image of the bike’s frame, which you can see below. It looks pretty killer. The deciding factor for a lot of people will be the price. If the company’s history is any indication, the Falcon BLK and Falcon 01 will be reasonably affordable, too. I combed through the comments and the company told one Facebook user the price range would be $7,900 to $15,000. That puts it well below other bikes with this kind of range. I’m looking forward to seeing the bike in person in Cleveland soon.

Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon BLK frame