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Cleveland CycleWerks Will Debut Its First American-Made Electric Motorcycle on March 20

Cleveland CycleWerks electric motorcycle

A New Concept in E Mobility

Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle manufacturer of small-displacement, easily customizable, and affordable motorcycles. In 2020, the company will be putting out its first electric motorcycle. The project’s code name is Falcon Rising. At this time there is very little information out about the bike other than the fact that it will be built in the USA. The new bike will be released on March 20 at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The company has always wanted to build its bikes in Cleveland or at least somewhere in the U.S. When Cleveland CycleWerks first started, it realized it couldn’t do that, so it turned to production facilities in China to make its bikes. Falcon Rising will fulfill something the company has wanted to do for 10 years and bring production back to Cleveland. 

I’m an unabashed fan of Cleveland CycleWerks. The company has been on my radar for years, and it builds products that are different, interesting, and exactly what I think the motorcycle industry needs more of right now—cool affordable bikes. I would expect project Falcon Rising will be more of the same but with an electric powertrain. I’m looking forward to the reveal of its upcoming bike, and I’ll be attending the reveal in Cleveland.