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Check Out Harley-Davidson’s New IRONe Limited Edition Balance Bikes

Harley-davidson IRONe Limited

IRONe 16 and IRONe 12

Harley-Davidson may have a new corporate strategy moving forward, but it seems it’s not totally letting go of some of the new initiatives it started. Harley just released limited-edition versions of its electric balance bikes for kids. The IRONe 16 and the IRONe 12 Limited Edition come in a unique color that matches the LiveWire. Built on the StaCyc’s design these bikes will get kiddos on an electric Harley at a young age.

Harley bought StaCyc a while back and that move has allowed them to play in a space that they didn’t previously have access to. While the new CEO’s plan is to pull back on the full bore run into electrics in favor or what seems to be a more balanced approach, it’s cool to see the IRONe 16 and IRONe 12 Limited Edition come out.

In all fairness, Harley likely had these modes ready to go long before he took the seat as CEO, but I still think making and investing in these small balance bikes is a good move. Heck, I’d buy one for my kid if he were of age for them.

The Yellow Fuse color on these new limited edition bikes was exclusive to the LiveWire. It makes these new bikes special. The company plans to only make 550 available total. That means there won’t be many cool kids rolling one of these. The regular IRONe 16 and IRONe 12 will still be available after the special edition sells out. The limited-edition bikes only bring a $50 upcharge, so you’re not going to get to gouged on price. The IRONe 12 costs $649, and the IRONe 16 costs $699.