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CFMoto CF1250J is biggest yet

CFMoto CF1250J police bike

A civilian version of the new CFMoto CF1250J police bike with a modified KTM LC8 engine is coming and it will be the biggest Chinese bike yet!

Michael Poynton, director of Australian importer Mojo Motorcycles, confirms the civvy version of the CF1350J is coming, “however this will be a while off yet”.

“I haven’t received technical details yet from CFMoto,” he says.

However details published in the UK “appears to be on the money from what I know”.

CF1250J tech specsCFMoto CF1250J police bike

That means it is a superseded KTM LC8 engine with new castings and now 1279cc with 104kW output and 240km/h top speed.

That would make it the biggest and most powerful motorcycle engine from a Chinese factory.

Other details include a porky 279kg wet weight, digital instruments, 190/55 ZR17 and 120/70 ZR17 tyres, Bosch ABS and Brembo calipers.CFMoto CF1250J police bike

The civvy version will be a CF1250G and, of course, it will include a pillion seat.

The current CFMoto range in Australia includes 150-650cc learner-approved motorcycles ranging in price from just $3290 to $8490.

They are also adding the 300SR, their first fully faired sports model.

CFMoto 300SR
CFMoto 300SR

It was to arrive this month, but Michael says they decided to postpone the release of this model to spring due to current market conditions.

“This decision was made at the end of March, when things were obviously looking a lot worse than they are currently,” he says.

Full production

CFmoto factory coronavirus
CFMoto factory

After a temporary closure in early February for the coronavirus pandemic, the CFMoto factory has been in full capacity production since the end of March, Michael says.

The factory in Hangzhou makes their bikes for the world market as well as KTMs for China.

“We have seen no impact to our supply chain, vehicles or spare parts,” he says.

“As we enter our peak season with ATV/UTVs in the lead-up to end of financial year, we actually have record volumes of CFMoto shipments scheduled to arrive over the coming months.

“And no, we have not experienced any backlash against Chinese products with our CFMoto retail numbers actually increasing over the first four months of 2020.”

The CFMoto factory is just outside Shanghai and about 750km from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

CFMoto and KTM are also building a joint factory in China with an estimated output of more than half a million bikes a year for the world market.

Michael says the joint factory was progressing well with production planned for the third quarter of this year.

“I believe the first models to be manufactured there will be the new CFMoto 700s (released in Milan) followed by KTM 790s.”

CFMoto 700CL-X Heritage
CFMoto 700CL-X Heritage
  1. I would not buy anything Chinese after their shameful treatment of Australian farmers recently and their political bullying over the Pandemic that originated there.

    1. Bet you cant do it. Everything from clothing to food, packaging to car parts are made in China. The treatment of the farmers is due to the Aus Gov following Trump. As for the virus, where it originated is irrelevant. The spanish flu, or Influenza as we now know it originated from a pig farm in the US. It was called the spanish flu because Spain was the first country to speak up about it, after the US, France and the UK kept it secret. It takes thousands of lives still, but nobody talks about suing the US. Covid 19 was new, and nobody knew what it was. It was treated as the flu until it was finally revealed to be something different. When it was being treated as the flu chinese doctors were talking about it. To expect any nation to have it under control when they didnt even know what it was until it made its way into large hospitals with scientists etc is unreasonable. It appears that the bullying is from the US. Im not a fan of communist china but I wont follow the crowd when things are not what they are being said to be

      1. Really… So how do you explain the fact that the CCP put a ban on travel from Hubei Province, which includes Wuhan, to all areas of China, yet allowed some 5 million Wuhan residents to travel offshore during the Chinese New Year? They obviously knew there was a danger to China yet allowed the disease to be transferred to every other part of the world, including Australia. The CCP are no friend of ours…

        And BTW, the Aus Gov didn’t follow Trump, it was actually the other way around. You might care to get your facts straight before you start criticising your own government

  2. Tell the Chinese there will be a 80% import tariff and see how their CFMoto on-the-road pricing stacks up. Just like our barley.

  3. Now now girls and boys, Midday tv is still a few coffees away, be nice! Indonesia manufacture some Kawasaki motorcycles, quality seems ok. The Thai, India, and China, builds, all seem below the standards we have come to expect from parent companies whose original factories were in Japan or Europe.
    Problem I see is we the consumers will accept this as the norm and the previous high quality products will now be bespoke builds with higher price tags.
    Examples; CB 500 X, no rubber boot over clutch lever adjuster, lower grade metal protection, Street 500, rubbish are the handlebar switch blocks, clutch take up wobbly yet the engine is butter smooth, a few extra bucks on the clutch not kill the price point. Mirrors need to be wider for most shoulder owners , but you can purchase these at dealer, getting off track here. KTM appear to be making an effort with the remote builds, wonder if the bigger motorcycle companies even care?

  4. We might not be able to avoid a lot of Chinese stuff and unless our industries step up it will always be thus.
    HOWEVER we don’t need to buy Chinese bikes , yes because of their Covid 19 behavior and now their industrial/trade bulliying .
    I would rather have a Norton made by India than a Ducatti even partially made by China!

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