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Can-Am Spyder F3 roadster goes bagger

Can-Am F3 baggers
Can-Am F3 baggers

The sporty Can-Am Spyder F3, with its feet-forward muscle cruiser stance and exposed 1330cc three-cylinder engine, now comes in bagger versions.

The Spyder F3-T and F3 Limited baggers are joined by the F3-S and a limited number of triple-black F3-S Special Series models.

For 2016, the Spyder F3 roadster also gets new colour options, a well-padded “Coast to Coast” seat, and a Chopped Rear Fender option (for the F3 and F3-S) that will give a clear view of the Spyder’s 50-series rear tyre.

The new baggers are the result of Can-Am market research that shows 33% of North American motorcyclists own baggers or cruisers with saddlebags.

Can-Am Australia Brand Marketing Advisor Matthew O’Connor says arrival dates, trim levels and pricing of the F3-T and other 2016 models have not been finalised.

Meanwhile, US Spyder pricing for 2016 starts at $14,999 for the RS, while the base F3 MSRP is unchanged from last year at $19,499 and runs all the way up to $27,249 for the new F3-S Special Triple Black Series (available in limited quantity and with the SE6 transmission only). The Spyder ST-S sport-touring model starts at $22,399 while the Spyder RT going for $23,349.

Spyder ST and RS models get updated colour options, while the RT gets new colours plus a standard USB port and a Garmin 660 GPS on the RT Limited edition.

They are still powered by the 86kW/130Nm liquid-cooled 1330cc Rotax triple, while the the RS and ST-S models come with the 998cc V-twin. Two transmissions are available for the Spyder depending on model. Transmission options for the F3, RT and RS-S include the 6-speed manual or SE6 semi-automatic, both with reverse. The RS and ST-S come with a 6-speed manual only.

  1. And here I thought a story about Spyder baggers was about all the people complaining about the number of faults they have.
    My brother got bitten by a Spyder and what a costly lesson that was. He nearly got third degree burns just from the heat blowing off the engine and exhaust that’s too close to the right leg, the steering failed and the belt hub exploded. He had no end of trouble with the service and support offered by the sales centre and worst of all it lost more than half its purchase price the moment it left the shop.
    They look ok and they are fun but they don’t lean they need a hand operated brake not foot operated and worst of all you can’t filter through traffic so on a hot day you’re stuck out in the heat with no roof no aircon but you still have to wear a helmet.

  2. What is the non bike doing in this website. I just don’t get them. They are not a bike and they don’t have any of the advantages of a car. Please stick to motor bikes.

    1. It’s here because you still need to wear a helmet so it has all the disadvantages of a bike and none of the advantages, it has some of the advantages of a car it has a boot and like a car you can’t fall off, scratch that it doesn’t lean so you can fall off and if you jump on the brakes you can catapult your self off!

      1. It is not true because the Spyder has the advantages of both bike and car, in terms of performance and safety! AND YOU SHOULD LEARN YOUR COSTLY LESSON IN BASHING CAN-AM SPYDERS BECAUSE I WILL BUY ONE!

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