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CAKE is Bringing Races and Race Bikes for 2021

CAKE makes some very interesting EV motorcycles, to say the least. With so many new EV options coming into the motorcycle market its refreshing to see a brand be so bold with their minimalist approach to manufacturing and production of these battery-powered bikes.

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, CAKE is looking to get you more involved in with their brand by committing to developing a EV motocross race series “much like the FIA Formula E World Championships”.  They already had one race in September of this year, but are seeking to expand their locations and events on a global scale with many new races being added to the calendar for the summer of 2021.

If CAKE is hosting a racing series, what the heck are you supposed to ride on? CAKE has also announced two new additions to their EV motorcycle line-up with the introduction of the Kalk OR RACE and the Kalk INK RACE. If you think the names are interesting, you should see the bikes themselves. The OR RACE and INK RACE take the original Kalk platform and bring tons of changes to gear (or not to gear. EV bikes don’t have gears..) the Kalk up for a successful career in racing.

The new bikes feature fork guards, higher fender, MX wheels and hubs, better tires, and a few other features. Honestly, there isn’t much to add when the original bike itself is already so minimalist to begin with, but that’s for good reason; the Kalk OR RACE weighs just 165 lbs (75kg) and the INK RACE edition comes in at 171 lbs (78kg). That’s pretty insane given the bikes include an 11 kWh drivetrain.

The bikes will be available with options to have a full RACE build from the factory, but if you get the INK RACE or OR RACE have no fear, you can add the kit to your bike for $2100.