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Brembo Brakes Just Got Better With An Improved Pad Compound

Stopping: Made Better

Brembo isn’t your run-of-the-mill regular ol’ brake company. They are quite literally the brake company. If you purchase a new million-dollar hypercar, the odds are in your favor that the vehicle is equipped with a set of Brembo stoppers to keep you and your passengers safe when coming to a stop.

Brembo SR Pads

Brakes are pretty robust pieces of equipment, and there isn’t a whole lot to them when it comes to the basic functionality and amount of parts involved. This means that there are such minuscule areas for companies like Brembo to obsess over to just get a slight improvement. Well, I have news for you, Brembo has a new and improved brake pad compound, and that’s a huge improvement.

The new compound – dubbed the “SR Compound” – was designed by Brembo to maintain the same braking consistency no matter how hot they are. The only thing stopping you and your metal rocketship is the pad that generates friction; and with friction comes heat. The hotter your brakes get, the less responsive they will be, and the main area for focus when it comes to reducing friction heat would be the brake pad itself.

Brembo SR Pads Performance Graph

The new SR compound dominates the previous SC compound. The older generation would lose performance once they crossed the 250° C range, but the new SR compound holds its own all the way until 400° C when performance begins to suffer. They also hold up better in wet road conditions.

These new SR pads are perfect for road and track riders. They are ECE R90 homologated and ready for the track or street no matter the conditions you are in thanks to the excellent thermal distribution.