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BMW’s single-cylinder Indian stunt bike

BMW Concept Stunt G310 stunt bike
BMW Concept Stunt G310 stunt bike

This BMW Concept Stunt G310 is believed to be a stunt bike version of the much-anticipated Indian-made BMW 300cc single-cylinder motorcycle that is destined for the world market.

The bike was launched by now-retired stunt king Chris Pfeiffer at South America’s largest motorcycle show in São Paulo overnight.

While the official release from BMW tells us nothing about the technical details nor where it is made, we can assume it’s a 310cc single-cylinder bike, but there is no other information except what you can see.

However, it does look very similar to the spy photos we published in February of the prototype BMW developed with Indian company TVS Motor Company for the local market.

The prototype shows a petite bike with a single headlight, LED taillights, upside-down forks, chunky swingarm, six-spoke alloys wheels, Michelin Pilot tyres (110 up front and 150 in the rear) and single front brake disc with ABS ring and radial-mounted calliper. It’s all pretty high-end components for a small-capacity bike made just for the Indian market.

The Concept Stunt G310 looks very similar, albeit modified for stunt work, and the fact that it was released in South America shows that it is destined for the world market, not just India.BMW Concept Stunt G310 stunt bike

The only bit of technical information comes from the release:

The special feature is the cylinder which is inclined towards the rear and the cylinder head which is rotated by 180 degrees. This permits optimum placement of the engine in the motorcycle and a short wheelbase in spite of the long swinging arm thereby making the motorcycle very agile. The low-slung front and the raised tail section promise fast and nimble changes of direction as well as dynamic riding. By shifting the intake area towards the front while also moving the exhaust system towards the rear it was possible to place the rear silencer in an upright standing position underneath the seat between engine and spring strut. In this way the silencer is optimally protected and does not limit the stunt rider’s freedom of movement. Even though you may hardly see it, you will not overhear it. Once started, the sound of the BMW Concept Stunt G 310 is sure to attract attention.

We are not sure what they mean by “Even though you may hardly see it, you will not overhear it.“BMW Concept Stunt G310 stunt bike

There is no word about a production or release schedule, but we can assume from the drawing below that it is heading into production and will open up a new era for the company with smaller-capacity street bikes.

BMW Concept Stunt G310 stunt bike

Meanwhile, BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha are now collaborating to developed “connected motorcycles” which means they will have electronics that talk to each other and other vehicles to make them safer on the roads.

Several car companies are also working on this communication technology that will speed up progress toward automated and driverless vehicles on our roads.

Features of this motorcycle consortium will be introduced from 2020.