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BMW Teases the Next XR

BMW XR teaser

A New Sport Tourer for 2020

BMW is trying to get people pumped up for EICMA. It’s doing it with a teaser for one of the bikes that we expect will be revealed in full at the show. The company recently teased the next-generation XR sport-touring machine on its Twitter page.

According to MoreBikes, the word on the street is that BMW will actually have two different versions of the motorcycle. The 2020 XR could get an update to its 1,000cc engine as well as the introduction of a smaller displacement version of the bike. The engine in that one will likely be an 850cc mill.

The teaser doesn’t give much away. It is a teaser, after all, but that doesn’t mean the eagle-eyed folks at MoreBikes weren’t able to spot things. You can see a radial mounted front caliper for the brakes, chain drive, black wheels and fairings for the front and rear of the bike.

Obviously this isn’t much to go on, but the XR should be one of the more interesting bikes at the show, especially if BMW decides to go with two different displacements. If that is the case, I’d expect the company to just swap the motor out and not change much else, but it might also keep some of the truly nice features for the higher displacement machine. It’ll be interesting to see what BMW does at EICMA.