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BMW Scooter Owner Reports

BMW Scooter Owner Reports and Feedback

This page has information, feedback and reports from BMW scooter owners, listed below in order of date received.

It will be interesting to read about owner experiences with the new scooter.

Since this is a new product for BMW, we can all learn…and hopefully there won’t be too many surprises!

If you have any tips, tricks, issues or complaints, forward them to me (preferably with good quality photos) and we can post them here.

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23,000 Mile BMW Scooter Update

From “S.F.” (February 2014):  “My C650GT High Line was delivered in August 2012 and it now has completed 37,000 kilometres (23,000 miles).

As I use the bike all year for both commutes and longer journeys, a power point was fitted for heated clothing and a bracket to suit a Garmin satnav. The BMW top box and the under seat storage are ample. I also have a tunnel bag which has never been used; it’s small, vulnerable and obstructs the petrol filler.

Overall the bike is a pleasure to use, quite capable on motorways, brilliant in traffic, the lack of panniers makes lane splitting a great deal easier and thanks to the larger wheels can handle un-metalled tracks.

Weather protection is good, as you would expect. The windscreen is adequate but an aftermarket replacement with a flip at the top would be great.

Most of the bike’s snags have been mentioned here before. The loose screw on the side stand blocking the starter, that was a recovery job. Melted instrument panel. Foreign matter in the ignition switch, the first time this happened it was another recovery. Right side battery cover panel top screw tabs breaking off.

An engine firmware upgrade/recall resulted in an entire instrument panel and engine management system renewal, because the keys were not recognised after the upgrade.

Presently the bike is back in the dealership after another roadside recovery this time because the the power relays and their holder suffered terminal corrosion thought to be due to water ingress. The daylight running light switch had to be replaced. The BMW dealers have always been keen to ensure that another bike was provided while mine was in.

Basic service charges have averaged €140.00. But there have been four tyre changes and nearly as many brake pad renewals. The dreaded 40k service will be due in a few weeks but it seems to be mostly condition checks rather than outright renewals.

Just a few other points. Headlight bulbs: Ignore the manual. Face the bike and reach underneath the fairing, it’s a five minute job the first time. If you need to see what your doing take the side panel off.

There is no sign of oil leakage from the chain case yet. The radiator gets clogged up easily especially on damp roads and is quite awkward to clean. The movable bolster on the seat traps rainwater, ready to be soaked up by your pants as you pull away.

Finally, do I miss the RT. No not really, though it did keep my feet warm in winter. This letter makes the bike look worse than it actually is. In reality it is no less reliable than the other bikes I have had, the dealership is a great deal better than most. I think I will get another one of these scooters.

Russell “Day Long” Saddle for the BMW Scooter

From “J.W.” (May 9, 2013):  “Hey Rick, how’s your C650 treating you? For my part, by way of an update, after the dealer rerouted the catch hose properly, adapted the FI, and adapted the idle stepper motor, it has not died since and I’ve put another approximately 1800 miles on it, so I’m calling this issue put to bed.

I also rode up to Russell Cycle Products to get a Russell Day Long seat this week, and man oh man, what a difference, it totally transforms the bike for me (I know some folks love the seat, but I was uncomfortable within 40 minutes of riding, and this thing allows me to ride for hours at a stretch with no difficulty).

I’m attaching a couple of little photos (I did not have them do the passenger seat but they could have), happy to send bigger ones and/or taken at better angles if desired, and if memory serves, I might owe you some pics of the Navigator IV install as well…? ”

Russell Day Long Saddle BMW Scooter

BMW Scooter With Russell Day Long Saddle

Rigid SRM2 Lights for the BMW Scooter

From “S.T.” (May 7, 2013):  “Here is my contribution to the C650GT accessory list, Rigid Industries SRM2 Lights

These lights are small, bright and virtually indestructible. I have confirmed the first two attributes but will leave the last one for you. I’ll let the torture test video on their site speak for itself.

I had them installed during the break in service and now have 4 months of night riding experience with them and am well pleased. I have them aimed on the same level as the headlights so I can run them full time without blinding oncoming traffic.

I have a pencil beam driving light on the left side to reach down the road and a wide beam on the right side to illuminate deer on the road side. The lights have great reach without being blinding to others like xenon lights. I mounted them on the lip below the headlight with the waterproof activation switch on the left side in front of the glove box release.

They draw 16 watts and 1.1 amps each while putting out over 1000 lumens each. At about $150 each, they aren’t cheap but they are the best investment I’ve made for the bike so far. I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the lights mounted on the bike…”

Rigid Industries SRM2 Lights

Rigid Industries SRM2 Lights

BMW Scooter Under-Seat Accessory Outlet

More From “J.W.” (December 17, 2012):  “The dealer told me BMW recommended the accessory outlet install location was in the storage compartment; it looks like perhaps they’re running it off the rear lights. Fits nicely (see photo).”

BMW Scooter Under-Seat Accessory Outlet

C 650 GT: Brake Line and Coolant Hose Protectors

More From “J.W.” (December 12, 2012):  “I have also protected the brake lines (photo below). The large line is the hydraulic line for the back brake and the little line is for the ABS. I am not sure which one rubs and I will have to monitor this closely. I may have to remove the rubber tube off the ABS line as it is not the best fit.”

BMW Scooter Brake Line Protector

This picture (below) is of two coolant lines that run across a sharp corner. I have protected them with a 1/2 Teflon tube the location is directly below the battery. This picture is taken from below the horn looking up at the tubes.

BMW Scooter Coolant Hose Protectors

C 650 GT Left Side Storage Box

More From “J.W.” (December 10, 2012):  “On your C650 GT I noticed in your left glove box it is a little different than mine. You have a guard that will prevent stuff from falling out. Is that a separate piece from the tray that is removable or is it all one piece.

This picture shows mine without the guard. I like yours. If I could get one or make something out of aluminum sheet metal I will. I have the guard in the right glove box.

BMW C650GT Scooter Storage

Rick’s Reply: Interesting, I just went down and took a photo of mine (below), the entire bottom of the storage cubby is the floor with the “wall” in front molded as part of the insert.

The whole thing, a one-piece molding with floor and the front wall or guard, clips into the storage compartment. It looks like they may have designed it to remove and replace with other styles, maybe for different countries?

Left Storage

From “D.R.” December 2012: “My bike has a tray, like the bottom picture, that seems to snap in, I tried to take it out but I had to much resistance. I don’t see the holes where the tray would snap in in the top picture.

There is an accessory for the Sport that goes in that compartment but is not available for the GT, maybe it will work in place of having the tray like my bike has? I would check my manufacture date if I could find the info on the bike somewhere. I did find the VIN number stamped on one of the frame tubes just like the owners manual says.

I saw on the internet a BMW (auto) cable used to connect the OBD, it looks like the connector on the GT under the seat near the gas filler tube. I wonder if it would work on the scooters or if it is just for the cars?”

Rick’s Reply: Good question, anyone know if the BMW automobile OBD will work on BMW motorcycles and scooters?

BMW Scooter Owner Tips

From “J.W.” (November 29, 2012): “A few things about the C650 GT: I added a power socket wired straight to the battery with a 15 amp fuse so I may plug in a heated suit or a GPS. I may also charge the battery through it.

You can fit two full face helmets under the seat. In the picture I have and older Shoei Duo-Tec and a new Shoei Neotec (review). The Neotec is a tight fit. To add to it they both have Scala Rider headsets to make it a little tighter fit.

I also added a couple of screws under the seat so (that) I may add the owners manual where it belongs. Just make sure the screws do not have thread at the top 1/8th inch so you do not cut the O-ring.”

BMW Scooter Electrical Outlet

BMW Scooter Underseat Storage

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  1. I looking for a guide to remove fairing panels, I need to replace the right hand running board/lower fairing but need help to get to all the fixings. Can anyone help please?

  2. Steve, we’ve owned a C600 some years ago and I did some accessory work on a friend’s…but never managed to get a shop manual, but I did find that looking at and/or saving off the relevant BMW part diagrams (that most on-line Motorrad dealers have posted) and the associated part numbers also listed, provided most of the needed information regarding panel/component removal. The main side (fairing) panels are not an issue really, but the lower pass-through sections and floorboard layouts are a bit more complex and some of the hardware can be hard to access. You may need to find someone who has a manual or perhaps has delve into these activities…have you checked out some of the various forums? Hope you manage to get the work done. Cheers, Bruce

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