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BMW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance

BMW Motorcycle Repair – Maintenance:  Also see the complete listing of all wBW Technical and Maintenance Articles  |  Installing Progressive Fork Springs on a 1986 BMW R65  |  Installing a Harrison Billet brake caliperon an R65  |  Installing a Progressive Suspension 420 shock on an R65  |  LED brake – tail light replacement  | Airhead turn Signal Relay Replacement  |  Airhead electronic ignition maintenance  |  Airhead spline lube with photographs  |  More

BMW Motorcycle Maintenance:  BMW repair and maintenance articles  on the BMW South Africa site  | Rebuilding and Adjusting Bing Carburetors by J.R. Buchanan  |  BMW Ignition Module Testing and Information   | Many BMW technical and maintenance articles, including cleaning the fuel injectors on a K75  |  Anton Largiader’s website and article on ABS II  |  A New Rick Mayer Saddle – by Randy Glass; article doesn’t seem to exist any more, but Duane has plenty of BMW tech articles on his site; here’s a good one on aligning BMW forks  |  TS Moly Gear concentrate for spline lubes  |  Care and Feeding of the BMW Ignition Trigger Unit – Twins 1981-?; by David A. Braun  |  Mounting an oil cooler on a BMW R60/6 – R100S “Airhead” by Kent Christensen on the BMW Airheads site; some users report oil temperatures going from 250° – 275° F down to 210°  –  240°  F when using the BMW oil cooler on Airheads  |  Fitting a second Hall-effect sensor inside a BMW Airhead Boxer’s “Ignition Impulse Sending Unit” 1981 onwards; by Frank Warner  |  Does your BMW clutch “grab” after it warms up? This article tells you why  |  Wiring diagrams for various BMW motorcycle models  |  The “Snowbum” (Bob Fleischer’s) website with Airhead tech articles is now up and running; Snowbum is one of the most helpful and knowledgeable Airhead guys anywhere!   |  Here’s Snowbum’s BMW torque values page  |  Repairing Bing carburetors and other technical articles by J.R. Buchanan  |  Installing an Öhlins Shock on a BMW K1200RS  |  Lots and lots of really good technical info on /2’s and vintage or antique BMWs on this site by “Duane”  |  See the Cleaning Aluminum Engine Cases section on the wBW Technical Articles page  |  Everything you’d ever want to know about BMW fasteners  |  More on the wBW BMW Page

Suspension:  How BMW’s Telelever suspension works and a comparison to forks with some neat animation; see also the wBW Review of the books Motorcycle Dynamics or Motorcycle Design and Technology  |  Marco Tozzini’s site has dyno data for many BMW models

Fuel Injection: Fuel Injected Motorcycles – site with info and products for remapping fuel injection on BMW’s, Ducati’s, Moto Guzzi’s, Laverda’s, etc.