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BMW Appears to be Working on an Electric C1 Motorcycle

BMW patent

From the Future or Just Weird?

BMW has a new design that is a two-wheeled machine but has a kind of roof or canopy over it similar to the old C1, but this time around the company has an electric powertrain. The company recently published a patent for a C1-inspired electric bike. This thing is pretty weird, but also kind of cool. 

The unique roof system for the bike described in the patent has airbags in the roof and there’s also crumple zones. Both of these should aid in the event of an accident. Also, there are some special aerodynamic elements that are supposed to help make the weird roof manageable. 

One thing that’s really interesting about this bike is that the roof is actually removable with just a few bolts. That would mean that if you had a beautiful sunny day and you wanted to take the top off, you could.

There’s no guarantee that BMW will actually build this. The patent just shows the company was working on it. My guess is that they were thinking of ways to make their electric scooters a little more enticing to folks who are used to the safety levels of a car. I’m not sure if this really helps or if anyone would be interested in a vehicle like this. But hey, I’m all for BMW thinking outside of the box.