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Bikie law campaign kick starts

20131008-184459.jpgIt’s on! Riders wanting to protest against the discriminatory laws being proposed by the Queensland Government may care to meet me at Canungra on Saturday morning at 9.
The Brisbane Times has picked up on our campaign and I’m hoping to do some radio interviews over the next couple of days.
Read the Brisbane Times story here.
Read my previous two blogs about this draconian legislation here and here.
Any campaign or protest against this legislation has just become more urgent after the state government this afternoon announced it would push its anti-bikie legislation through parliament first and ask questions later.
Premier Campbell Newman says they will bypass the parliamentary committee process which scrutinises new laws and go straight to a vote on the controversial laws when parliament sits next week.
Read more here.
So my plan is this … there is no plan.
I’m not organising a protest ride, only a meeting of concerned riders at the usual recreational riders meeting place in the Gold Coast hinterland.
What you do after that is up to you.
You may like to go for a solo ride, in pairs or in threes. But that’s up to you.
It would be great if riders decided to go in groups and attract the undue attention of the police. Remember to follow any direction they give you.
Maybe the TV stations will be there to record any harassment, thereby proving our claim that it is already happening and they don’t need a new law.
I have a friend who recently was pulled up three times in one day for a licence check and not once did he see any cars pulled over.
What concerns me is that police will be emboldened by this talk of a new law to continue their ongoing harassment of riders.
Our non-official, voluntary, civil disobedience campaign already has the support of many of this blog and Facebook followers.
And now biker and solicitor Jim Feehely has offered his services by advising about the legality of Saturday’s “recreational ride” and hopefully ease the apprehensions any participants may have.
“If there is no intention to do anything unlawful, there can be no legal consequence,” he says.
“I’m just gob-smacked by this proposed law, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what seems to be going on in George St.
“They haven’t enacted any law yet, but the coppers seem to be taking this legislative bravado as licence to act now and harass any rider.
“I believe a lot if this law-and-order agenda is coming from the police union, anyway.”
One last suggestion. Saturday is going to be hot.
And if past experience of being caught up in police “licence checks” is anything to go by, you may be waiting around in the blazing sun for quite some time.
So dress light, bring water, a cap and sunscreen, and stay calm.
See you Saturday morning.
Look for the helmet and my BMW R 1200 GS with the stickers.

  1. I’d love to be there but will be at a rally so I probably will be harassed on my way there even though we will be towing a camper

  2. I am a bikie, a member of a ‘MC’ a ‘motorcycle club’….NOT as the AG has declared, (bypassing any Supreme Court action in place in NSW) a member of a “criminal motorcycle organisation”!!!!

  3. If they tried a law like this for let’s say ford drivers – how far do you reckon it would get?

  4. Hey maaaate!
    If it helps,
    You can Bellbird Creek Cafe at Kenilworth as a meeting spot as well!
    Same thing…. No organised event, just meet and ride off.

  5. Sorry can not make it on Saturday due to prior commitment interstate. It is a proposed law that just does not make sense.

  6. This is Not Good, We need to support each other, and show these “Law Makers” that we are not going to go away easy like they want us to, Social clubs like “Ulysses” have a national membership of over 30,000 men and women and that’s just one club, so the power’s that be might just want to re-think that one I would reckon. See you there!!

  7. We get harassed enough now while its technically not legal to harass us. I’d hate to think what a weekend ride will be like once they’re “obliged” to protect the public from anyone wearing leather! Looks like my old record of 3 “random” breath tests in a single outing could be trumped by 8 plus one side-of-road full body cavity search by a cop called Bubba.

  8. Are there any legal advisors out there who are prepared to advise participants as to their legal obligations ( and whatever freedoms ) we may encounter whilst en route to and during the Canungra or other protest rallies in QLD?

    I’m from NSW. I have loud pipes I can’t afford to replace before the weekend- they do have baffles, but they’re symbolic There are issues I am prepared to risk overtly, like noise tickets maybe.

    But if I’m going to break the law I’d like to know before I do it and am aware of the consequences beforehand.

    We’ve already been advised to carry extra water and sun protection in case stops are frequent and lengthy on a hot day. I’d advise riding with one other to have a witness present. I’d advise being polite to the police and media. But do I have to answer their questions about my personal life or destination if not under direct arrest? Anything else I should know?

    1. Solicitor friend says obey the law, follow all police directives and have a roadworthy bike. This is only a show of numbers for the media and politicians.

      1. I’m a 1% club member and four weeks ago put everything on my bike back to stock. Lots of social riders now with louder bikes, led lights, and aftermarket parts, good luck to you because they have shown they will stop at nothing to book anyone on a bike. Even as far as booking people that have either taken their pillion seat off or fitted a single seat temporarily!!

    2. Under the police powers act you must Di the following if intercepted by police while operating a motorised vehicle

      Produce a valid licence for that class
      Submit to a breath test
      Submit to a drug test

      That us it you do not have to answer any questions or show tattoos

      You have the right to remain silent at all times

    3. Hi Alison and others I am the Principal of Van Houten Law based in Parramatta NSW. My details are in the “Live to Ride Mag” I do represent a number of clients who ride motor bikes and I am a Specialist Criminal Lawyer. If anyone needs legal assistance please contact me.

  9. Yes, but what is the law relating to being stopped in QLD? Sorry, I’m from NSW. What can they legally ask and require answers of, and what questions or actions can be taken if you refuse to answer? What are the standard problems or misunderstandings encountered on these stops?

    Not all of us have the time to be hassled, fined or locked up after an robust debate starts as the result of legal ignorance on one side or the other. Some are parents of small kids, carers for the disabled or elderly, or perform critical emergency service jobs etc. Those people most of all need clear and consistent advice on the limits of police power over the weekend

    1. Alison, I can’t give legal advice. Assess the risks and make a choice. However, I doubt police will want up know anything other than your address to verify your licence and whether it is your bike.

  10. I’d like to be there but after being cleaned up by a car 9 weeks ago I’m still unable to ride long distances.

  11. If Police “ask” to take your Photo, remember it is only a request, they can only compel you to have your photo taken if you are arrested for anything, I always turn my back to them. They can only ask you to remove items of clothing to look at tattoos, this is a strip search and again you have to be arrested before you can be compelled.
    The Police and Government are pushing the boundaries and beyond of what is legal learn your rights and flex them.

  12. For the last 4 years as UMCQ spokesman I have been trying to warn the general community that these draconian laws are not just for Three Piece Patch Motorcycle Clubs. There is nothing in the laws that limit their use to MC members, the new laws proposed are not even going to go Via the Committee system so will just be slammed through with no proper scrutiny or oversight. For anyone that is concerned about Queensland returning to the Joh Beijkie days and is able to go to parliament Tuesday and sit in the public gallery, be quiet, obey the rules and show force.

    Another thing for ride day Saturday, you cannot prevent Police from taking your Photo, but you do not have to pose for it. Also when stopped get your Phones out and film, get your video cameras out and film, post to You-Tube. I suggest Tag with Nazi Police, so all film for the day can be accessed by searching for that tag.

    1. But Camel, if we nothing wrong, we have nothing to fear… this is what people used to say when we raised our fears… in NSW and Qld. We get the government we deserve… Fuhrer Newman in Qld and now Chairman Barnett in WA…. Ifear that there is worse to come because the sheeople think they are in danger and the government/Police are here to protect them.

  13. If groups of Three qualify us as gangstas, then EVERYONE EVERYWHERE should start riding in groups of Three.

    There won’t be enough Plod to keep up and it will drive them MAD! ):]

    It’s called passive resistance and might get the message across better than lots of tub-thumping and shouting. (But let’s still have all that anyway :])

    When you get stopped by Plod you’ll need something to sing, soooo:

    “Ride in Threes … Ride in Threes
    Ride in Threes . oh . Ride in Three’s
    We will keep you working … Ride in Three’s”

    (Sung to ‘Let It Be’)

    PS: I’m dead serious about this so pass it around.

  14. I would like to let you know that I’ve seen some of the work these so called bike’s do, and I have the utmost praise for them. Helping out kids in need, homeless people, and for you to take there right to ride away is somewhat senseless. This is how I see them helping others. Big bad bikers is not whay some of them are. They are out there doing a job that your government push to the side. If you want to take something off someone take a pay cut and give it to a charity that will help! !!!

  15. This action was taken against the truckies in the early 90’s don’t loose your riding and association freedom…

  16. On Sat the 28th of Sept the Mrs and I had decided to take the three kids and their cousin to watch a charity fundraiser wrestling match at one of our local leagues clubs. As we only have a 5 seater car I rode my bike in front while the Mrs followed with the kids, a RBT had been set up on the way and as soon as I saw the lights I knew that they would pull me in (vest, patches, tatts, and a big Triumph combined with a face for radio and a head that only a mother could love, means I am not shocked at this treatment). Sure enough the police signaled for me to pull in and waved the Mrs on. After waiting for the 5 cars in front to be tested I was signaled to the front of the queue and had the dubious pleasure of dealing with one of the most arrogant highway patrol officers I have dealt with (I have spoken to other Police and even they don’t like the highway patrol :D)
    Immediately I was asked for my licence and told that the police were conducting RBTs (Just in case I was blind and couldn’t see the 3 police cars with lights flashing and their on-board info sign telling me that it was an RBT). I complied but enquired to the officer why was it that I only ever get asked for my licence when I am riding and not when I’m driving the car or any work vehicle? I was answered by the officer telling me that he asks for everyone’s licence. I replied with a polite “you didn’t ask 1 of those cars before me”. “Coincidence” was the officers reply and I submitted my breath test (clean of course – I don’t drink drive/ride).
    The officer then looked at me , looked at the bike and then looked at my license again & said ” we’re also conducting random drug tests”, “Oooooh look another coincidence” was my polite yet smart-arse reply. I headed up to the area set-aside for the drug tests ( on integral energy’s site – not sure the legality of using a company’s premises to conduct police business ) the officer conducting the drug tests was respectful to myself and very admiring of my bike – so much so that as he enquired as to how it went, the comfort etc etc I started climbing off the bike and offered him to try it on. This particular officer was so respectful that he declined due to not wanting to risk scratching the paint with his equipment belt.
    After returning a negative result & being handed back my license I was bid a good night and safe ride from this decent officer and I made it to spend the night with my family.
    The initial officer could learn a lot from his co-worker and learn to speak to people with respect and therefore be treated in kind, I admit that keeping my mouth shut may have prevented the whole drama but the arrogance of the officer did not sit well with me.
    Remember that even though the police can be a pain in the trousers they are doing a job and like any job you are going to encounter arseholes on both sides of the table, so treat them as they treat you – be respectful to those that show respect and report those that don’t. Record your complaints and detail them with dates, times, locations and names – be honest and truthful ( you may be on cam) and if your complaint doesn’t receive the attention you want, take it to the media.
    The government and all its branches need to remember that they are there to SERVE US!!! – If they fail in their duty , it is our duty to remind them that the citizens of this great country are their employers and should be regarded with the appropriate respect and diligence that they would like to be availed to themselves.

    1. Great story Dom.
      Yeah – not a good idea to poke the dog with a stick – but sometimes ya just have to. :D.

  17. Question..does this law include members of clubs as in hot rodders ….cars…boats…four wheeled drive.etc or only anyone riding a bike…can they do law for riders one law for drivers….

    1. Why would they want to JD? Everyone knows that crims don’t drive hot rods, boats cars, 4WD’s, ride bicycles. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Be more worried about the Proof of Wealth part of the legislation eg:

      Plod: I see U R riding an expensive looking Honda 90 Step-thru.
      Me: Yeah. Great machine. (biting lip and reminds oneself that poking a cranky dog with a sharp stick in never a good idea)
      Plod: Don’t be a smart a**e!
      Me: (don’t poke the dog don’t poke the dog) OK. 🙂
      Plod: The new law says you have to prove where you obtained the wealth to buy such a velocipede.
      Me: I worked after school. (nnnnnnnnnn)
      Plod: Worked? Youse blokes don’t know how to work! Therefore it MUST be an ill-gotten gain.
      Me: (nnnnnnnnnn nnnnn nnnnn )
      Plod: OK You’re done for riding an ill-gotten gain and for the porky!
      Me: Porky? That really suits ya know. :)))
      Plod: Arrrggghhh. BANG SLAM CLUNK …. RRRR rrrrrrr…RRRRR…rrrrrr RRRR rrrrrr
      Me: 🙂 (nice stick. good stick 🙂

  18. Ahhhhh….welcome to the world of the car enthusiast…we have been dealing with this discrimination for years.

    1. Your cars too Rod? My perfectly stock 928 Porsche seems to develop strange magnetic properties whenever Plod is around. It also seems to de-magnetise all other cars in the vicinity. Must be something to do with Mr. Higgs’ Boson.

    2. Rod, we’ve been copping this for decades as well. It is now going to be made actually legal…

  19. A few of us from up north who due to work commitments are going for a ride tomorrow Friday, meeting at the Apple Tree Creek Hotel around Midday, then a ride into Bundy. All are welcome.
    Anyone who is available in Brisbane on Tuesday I would suggest you go to the Parliament house and sit in the Public Gallery to see the show Newman and Co put on. Follow the rules, be quiet and just observe. The normal security blokes at Parliament house are always polite and co-operative, some even ride Motorcycles. I have always been treated with respect from them whenever I have graced the Pollies with my presents Show Newman we care about our future.

  20. So….this means cars etc can not go in more than threes? As for proof of money – if you’re not a criminal then you should be able to prove where your money comes from.

  21. If any law abiding see more then three riders together ring crime stoppers and request that they do something straight away as theses probably law abiding citizens are a danger to the public and tie up crime stoppers phone lines. Yes there might be a bigger crime going on but some one has to pay the price for being a law biding citizen.

  22. I am the Principal of Van Houten Law based in Parramatta NSW and I am a Specialist Criminal Lawyer. I do represent a number of motor bike riders. If anyone requires legal assistance please contact me. The “Right to Silence” law’s are now operating in NSW and there are significant changes to your rights while you are in Police custody.

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