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Bikie crackdown affects returned riders

DSC_0153Returned bikers are being discouraged from buying motorcycles as a result of the Queensland Government’s crackdown on bikies, according to outspoken Toowoomba motorcycle dealer Boyd Yung.
He says he’s definitely missed out on some bike sales, but thinks it is mainly returning middle-aged riders.
“Motorcyclists who have always ridden motorcycles will say ‘up yours’ and continue to ride and buy bikes,” the Harley-Davidson and Suzuki dealer says.
“It’s guys who’ve been thinking about it for years and may be waiting to get a payout because Campbell Newman has scrapped his job – and his wife is probably in his ears – and he’s thinking ‘wait on a minute maybe I don’t want to get involved in this’.
“So he’s missing out on an opportunity of following a wonderful lifestyle.”
Boyd says the motorcycle industry employs an “awful lot of people” even though they “basically just sell toys”.
“The problem is we run the risk that if this gains momentum they may not buy our toys,” he says.
“They may go out and buy another toy and our toys will end up on the scrap heap.”
He says riders are parking up their bikes for fear of being harassed, which has a flow-on affect for motorcycle shops, but also the tourist industry.
“Places like Esk, Fernvale, Aratula, Kilcoy, Mt Mee, those towns rely heavily on those thousands of motorcyclists who drop in for their coffees and pies,” he says.
“That creates employment for people in those areas.
“If I was the member for that area I’d be telling Mr Newman you are upsetting my constituents because my kids don’t have jobs now.
“In those areas, rider numbers are way down on the weekend to what they are normally.”
Boyd says he has been talking to other dealers and believes that the downturn is patchy and depends on how the police in different areas interpret the laws.
“I believe it’s affecting dealers particularly in Cairns and Gladstone,” he says.
“I’ve been pulled up several times in the first few weeks of this thing.
“I was riding a stock-standard, original Street Bob and this one cop was about to get his book out and get me for handlebars and reflector on the back and I said ‘hang on, it’s a stock-standard bike so you are just wasting your time’. He was a bit grumpy about it.
“I’ve had numerous customers who have been pulled over and it’s becoming a very emotive issue within our riding groups.”
While Boyd says he has always alerted police when they have large numbers of riders expected for a ride, he will not fill in the current voluntary ride registration form.
“I’ve had no problems with telling the police if it’s a big number of riders as it’s a safety issue and I’ve done it before, but I just rang the police, I didn’t fill in any forms with all my personal information.
“The last people I want to have all my information is the government.”
Boyd says Toowoomba has never had a big problem with bikie gangs.
“This town has always had a lot of patch clubs, but you never knew about it. They never caused any problems.
“However, it seems they may have been infiltrated by criminals.
“I’ve got a whole heap of friends who were ‘patchies’ and they’ve handed them in. It’s not important to them. They were in it for the bike lifestyle.
“In amongst them criminals did get involved in it and now they’ve crawled back under the rock.”
Boyd questioned whether he was now considered an associate because he may have sold bikes to members of now-declared criminal bikie clubs.
“I’ve known these people over 30 years. It’s not my place to play god to them,” he says.
“I won’t be changing my ways.”

  1. Very ominous for the upcoming HOG Rally that Boyd mentions Cairns as an harassment hot spot .

  2. Yeah, really crook when you hear rumours that Ulysses won’t be doing the toy run this year as a result of the new laws, but fear not, because I have a good feeling that the whole debacle will be addressed in the High Court in due time (the life of the great Nelson Mandella is testament to righteousness winning in the end)….pity so much business and goodwill has been laid waste in the meantime.

  3. The HOG AGM in Cairns should be withdrawn and taken to another state. I ride a Harley – and I’m not impressed with H-D Australia. They need to take a stand and not just make excuses…..

  4. if u have nothing to hide then u should ride only those who have something to hide dont ride the “toys” so what if u get pulled up who hasnt been pulled up when they have been riding around i think this has been blown out of propertion and i dont understand the logic of ppl parking up their bikes i think most of it is media bullshit as i said nothing to hide ride something to hide hide end of story

    1. get pulled up three or four times a day, told to strip to see tattoos. I guess Sharon you are not a motorcycle rider, but do not forget that the law has been changed and if you have a party of 12 or more and there is trouble with your guests then you can be fine 12000 dollars

  5. my friends ride in toowoomba all the time and dont get harrassed so what has sales of motorcycles got to do with sales in toowoomba yeah i can understand ppl not wanting to ride a bike but this whole thing has become way out of hand and made a bigger issue than what it really is no amount of protest rides high court appeal etc are going to make a difference the one thing that has happened is campbell newman has succeeded in doing what he set out to do going down in history just like old peanut joe what and awesome campaign by a politicain hey might get him voted out does he care no he will get paid for the rest of his life have a vehicle supplied be able to travel at our expense all over australia and the world do u think he cares if bikers not bikies are harrassed he has acheived what he wanted notoriety congrats on the media bike shop owners care owners and all those who wont ride u have made him famous great job. Nest thing they will do is give themselves a massive payrise and more benefits but that wont even make the news wont be mentioned cause he is another jo bjeke peterson create a diversion to rip ppl of and now one will even notice thought this guy makes joe look like a joke come on qld get on ur bikes if u really beleive it is wrong dont hide ride

  6. The media has a lot to answer for. They are the ones who are portraying everyday bikers as OMC criminals. The Today show on Monday and Tuesday this week did two items on the arrests of outlaw bikies and showed footage of the recent Rally at Brisbane government house as a background. I have e-mailed them about this but of course have had no reply. Like they say in the media…don’t let the truth get in the way of a good stary.

  7. Indeed Tim, news footage of the incident which apparently “started all this” shows that the ruckus at the Gold Coast was a minor scuffle at best until the police got nervy. Out of their depth in the first place and they knew it. Media hyped it up and here we are today. The media has quite a bit to answer for on this topic, they also carried it on.

  8. Good on you mate. A Harley Dealer with a back bone. He will get heaps of Brisbane riders who are disillusioned with Brisbane dealerships.

  9. I ride a Japanese road bike, and have been out riding just about every weekend since the new anti-bikie legislation has been in force, and I have NEVER been stopped by the police, I have NOT seen heaps of police out on the country roads and towns where I ride harassing motorcyclists, and I have not seen any of the criminal bikers – but then they don’t hang around with the rest of us do they. In other words, for 99% of motorcyclists absolutely nothing has changed. SO GET ON YOUR BIKES, GET OUT THERE and ENJOY!!

  10. Well said Boyd! It is a refreshing change to see someone stand up and speak out against these Draconian laws. I fear we are on a very slippery slope towards a police state and unless the general population stand up and voice their utter disgust at this travesty and misguided attempt by our so-called “leaders” to control us then I fear we are all doomed to a future that will be very unfriendly to motorcyclists. I have ridden motorcycles for about forty years now and still continue to do so and enjoy every minute of it! I will be damned if I will let some misguided politician deny me the pleasure of riding my “toy”. I will not go quietly into the night, I will stand up and voice my opinion and displeasure at this whole shambles. Why do we need special laws when there were already laws on the books to take care of those who transgressed. Most of my non-motorcycling friends just don’t get it. It’s only a bunch of bikies ,they say, not realising that it is only the tip of the iceberg. So who’s next? The guys who drive utes? Or maybe the people who drive sports cars?
    Watch out people, your group could be next! We need to stand united and give our leaders a very loud and clear message that we are not happy with this whole shemozzle and will not tolerate leaders who abuse our personal rights and freedoms! We can, and should, toss them out on their arses at the next election. This is a very insidious disease and needs to be eradicated. Next thing you know, they will be wearing brown shirts and growing small little moustaches and prancing about like a bunch of penguins with one arm held skyward. I am so disappointed and disgusted by our appointed leaders as well as the apathetic public who tolerate this circus! These people are NOT our friends or protectors. Just my two cents worth.

  11. Wayne, read Marks’ article on the MAP if you want to do something about Newman and his petty dictatorship. This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. To others who say they haven’t been harassed. Look at the big picture, because it’s not all about you! It’s about the nature of laws and being discriminated against because of your choice of transport, but more relevant is the wide range of police powers, the loss of magistrates’ independence and the ramifications of ill considered legislation to score some political points.

  12. Ihave been riding bikes for 50 years patch club member 30 years and if all riders dont stick together on this who will be next looking forward to the fun and games goin to cairns have to cross NSW and then QLD STAY SAFE PEOPLE

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