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Bike Of The Day: 2014 Lotus C-01

The Lotus C-01 stands as a rare gem, with only 100 units ever produced. Its unveiling in 2013, initially presented as a captivating three-dimensional computer mockup, caused quite a sensation. Notably, it marked the first time the prestigious Lotus name had ventured into the world of motorcycles. Drawing inspiration from the successful F1 racers of the 1960s, the C-01 boasts a radical body shape that pays homage to its racing heritage.

The visionary behind the original computer concept was none other than Daniel Simon, the former Bugatti designer renowned for his work on the iconic Tron Legacy Lightcycle and various other imaginative film fantasy projects. In an astounding turn of events, the computer sketch metamorphosed into a tangible reality in 2014, closely resembling its fantastical origins.

While the initial idea called for a carbon fiber monocoque, the final design took on a chromoly trellis-tube frame, a transition facilitated by Kalex, a company partially owned by the Holzer Group. Kalex struck a licensing agreement with Lotus to grant its name to this remarkable motorcycle. The robust chassis, featuring a cast-aluminum swingarm, was purpose-built to handle a formidable 200 HP, delivering impressive performance during road tests.

The heart of the Lotus C-01 lies in its KTM 1195cc/175 HP V-twin engine, a powerhouse borrowed from the RC8R superbike, designed to provide thrilling double-hundred power. Embracing cutting-edge components, the bike boasts top-of-the-line features such as 320mm Brembo racing brakes, twin Ohlins rear suspension, upside-down Sachs forks, and a striking carbon fiber shell composed of 12 individual sections.

The wheels, custom-made by South African specialists BST, are 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear, both expertly crafted from carbon fiber. They perfectly complement the original concept’s silhouette, ensuring that the real-life C-01 mirrors its digital counterpart to an uncanny degree.

Witnessing the Lotus C-01 in the flesh, it becomes evident that this motorcycle is more than just a computer-generated dream. With exquisite craftsmanship and a 100% hypersports specification, it embodies the fusion of futuristic design and real-world engineering, making it a true marvel in the realm of motorcycles.

Source: Mecum Auctions