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Best Online Courses for Motorcycle Repair

Tools care maintenance online course repairs Common reasons for roadworthy failures

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Whether it is for personal use or business, owning a motorcycle is an added advantage to mobility. With it, you would spend less time moving from point A to B. But here is the catch. Are you able to rectify hitches in a motorbike should it break down? For someone who does not have the know-how, it may sound unnecessary.

However, whether you are a motorbike owner or not, you can still learn a few skills that would go a long way income generation and cutting costs. All you need is an interest in becoming a mechanic then you can start looking for online motorcycle repair courses. It won’t be long before you can fix breakdowns, not to mention that others too will be hiring your services.

This post helps you explore some of the best online course for motorcycle repair. In the end, you should be able to settle on one that fits within your quest for a new skill. But first things first…

What should you consider before settling on a course?

There is no holy grail course for motorbike technicians. Some can be technical, others easy. It depends on available course units, and the extent to which a student should learn. Therefore, it is imperative to choose one based on the following factors:

  • Find out if an online motorcycle repair course you want to pursue is available. It is an important step in the right direction. You don’t want to register for something that no longer exists on a learning platform or is irrelevant.
  • Secondly, is there financial aid? Some courses are expensive, and without enough money for tuition fees, going through to completion can be a nightmare.
  • Also, look into the qualifications of a tutor and whether college or university is offering the course is certified.
  • Do not forget to go through your course details and ask yourself a few questions such as, “How long will it take? Are there writing assignments for which you may need essay writing service? What are the prospects of employability upon completion or occupational outlook?”

Entry-Level Motorcycle Repair Technician-Online course by Penn Foster Career School

An entry-level motorbike repair course would suit anyone who has an interest in becoming a repair technician. Students who want to enrol for the program must be at least 17 years old before the commencement of an online training program. Penn Foster Career School legally offers motorbike repair program, thanks to Distance Education Accrediting Commission and Council for Higher Learning Accreditation. 

It is a program you can complete within four months and focuses on areas such as engine repair, lubrication, general maintenance, cooling systems, electrical systems, ignition and suspension system.

Online ATV’s and Motorcycle Repair Course offered by Stratford Career Institute

If you are looking for an entry-level position into motorcycle repair, then Stratford’s course will get you a lucrative opportunity in a reputed shop upon completion. Some of the focus areas in this program are tools, safety, configuration (for four-stroke and two-stroke engines), modern repair technology and basic engine operation.

It is a personal development course, but for which the institution is yet to get accreditation. However, it is noteworthy that Stratford is a member of the International Council for Open and Distance Learning, U.S Distance Learning Association and Canadian Network for Innovation in Education.  You can get started today upon completion of online registration, not to mention that the course is flexible.

Online Entry-Level Motorcycle Mechanic at Ashworth College

Another online course in Motorcycle repair and in which you get to earn a certificate is that which Ashworth College offers. Whether you would like to turn a hobby into a career or you are a motorbike enthusiast, this is a comprehensive course in which you will learn among other things, engine repair, general motorcycle maintenance skills, replacement of work out parts and diagnostics.

Ashworth College is certified by Distance education commission and the council for higher education. The program is flexible; hence students can access course materials day or night.

Dan’s MC: Motorcycle Repair Course

Dan’s MC online course has seen more than 2 million people acquire motorcycle repair skills. It is a free online learning platform that offers wide-ranging courses for the past 11 years. You can choose from categories such as fuel, repair, electrical and frames. Each features a comprehensive learning experience.


Distance learning and online academic platforms now make it possible for students to register for and pursue any diploma, degree, certificate, masters and Ph.D. programs of their choice. It is, therefore, my hope that this post helps you get started with a journey to becoming the most sought-after motorbike repair in your region and beyond.

Author’s Bio: Sandra Larson is a motorcycle enthusiast and a writer. She has published several online courses on motorbike repair to help budding students establish a career out their hobbies. Sandra also guest blogs for several reputed websites on matters of online courses and employability.