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“Best Motorcycle of 2021” Goes To…

a pair of men revealing the Ducati Multistrada V4 S

Sound the trumpets and toot the horns – the Ducati Multistrada V4 S has just won a ‘Best Motorcycle of 2021’ award.

The award came via Robb Report, a luxury magazine that set the first-production motorcycle above the rest with their ‘best of the best’ issue, released yesterday.

The Ducati Multistrada V4 S

Robb Report’s award is quoted to “recognize(s) those who stand apart from their peers with exceptional craftsmanship, extraordinary attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of perfection in their field.”

a picture of the cover of the "best of the Best" issue of a Robb Report magazine

The fact that the V4 S is the first production motorcycle in the world to have advanced radar technology (a front and rear radar system) seems to have made it an easy pick for Robb Report’s ‘two-wheeled product of the year.’

a rider riding the Ducati Multistrada V4 S

The Ducati Multistrada V4 S began its debut into the motorcycle world with a bang – that bang being the incorporation of an all-new 170 HP Granturismo V4 engine (found in the Panigale V4 superbike), with a delectable advanced aid system managing both Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD).

a worker installing the front and rear detection aid system

Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America, has said in a statement: “We thank Robb Report for recognizing the Multistrada V4 S as a game-changing motorcycle with its industry-leading technology that advances rider comfort and performance much like the original Multistrada 1200S did in 2010.”

Jason Chinnock
Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America

“The Multistrada V4 S is a motorcycle that not only fits a wide variety of terrain but also many types of riders. It is rare that one motorcycle is so well balanced that it satisfies the rational rider with its versatility and reliability, yet does not compromise the visceral experience that a rider would come to expect of a Ducati.”

For more information on the Ducati Multistrada V4, check out Ducati’s website.

    1. I had a monster, a speed master, rockster, and a rocket 3. They all ride nice

    2. When you are actually on the bike, usually the last thing you are thinking about is how it looks. That is, at least, if you want to go on living…

    3. It’s as though elephantiasis has jumped from a human host to a motorcycle. All bikes should be vaccinated!

  1. Best at what? Getting to 100k on the odometer without spending your arms and legs? Will these motors even get that far without new pistons,cranks, etc? Will clutches go 130k? Best at how the bike makes you feel after 500 miles in the saddle in one day? Best at resale value? Best at maintenance expenses where less is more? Best at customer friendliness when it comes to self maintenance? There are alot of bikes from the past and recent past that will easily do ALL OF THESE THINGS JUST MENTIONED! But Ducati’s never do and never will? Performance ? Yes!! Anything else, and I mean anything, NO!! Interstates and State roads and County roads ARE NOT RACETRACKS!!

    1. Yes. This.

      I could care less about radar systems. I’d love Ducati to sort out their overheating problems. No other bike company around suffers these fundamental issues. People will normally look the other way on this because of the styling…but in this case the styling is a steaming turd sandwich, so I’m not also going to endure higher than average service costs, lower reliability to all but BMW and poor heat displacement.

      The whole purpose of these bikes is that you can venture thousands of miles on adventures…and the fact that most knowledgable riders hesitate because of reliability and parts issues…makes this bike dead on arrival for me.

      Woof, I keep trying to make myself like it. I guess if you got an all purple version you could do some dark wing duck cosplay…

    2. I can actually answer your questions from real experience with Ducati not conjecture Gary. Get to 100k on the odometer?No problems. No rebuilds. An arm and a leg? Not if you’re competent at working on a bike yourself. Parts are actually pretty cheap. If your incompetent, you might have to pay someone. Having just done a 5000 mile trip here in Australia on a Multistrada, I can assure you that 500 mile days are a walk in the park on one of these bikes. Interstates? Why would any self respecting motorcyclist want to waste their life riding on one of those? Performance? Yes, of course. Otherwise you’d rather be in a Toyota Camry wouldn’t you Gary? Do yourself a favour and actually take one for a ride.

  2. Are Ducati really that badSo far my Diavel has performed perfectly,no maintenance problems but then I don’t flog the motor but do get up to 100mph( 160 kph) occasionally ,handles the twisties ok and generally suits my purpose.

  3. And the Multistrada V4S is no race bike Gary G, just a superb modern all-roads tourer.

  4. My compliments to Amanda for integrity and disclosing the award provider right up front. That clearly sets the context for this award.
    It’s very interesting that in motorcycling you can see clearly that because of the wide variety of riders, there isn’t really a best anything. One biker’s mana is another’s poison. Tassels, for example… We all have different tastes, and we defend those differences fiercely, often forgetting that as bikers, our difference from the larger human herd is what unites us as bikers. I will always wave as you pass going the other way on your two wheeled embarrassment I’d never be caught dead on…

  5. The picture attached to the article is Carlton Dunne, not Jason Chinnock. You should really fix that.

  6. Hey Amanda, you might want to check that image of the Ducati North America CEO. That is Carlin Dunne former Pikes Peak racer, and all around fantastic human being. Sadly he has left us, while racing a Ducati at Pikes Peak. Rest In Peace, Carlin.

    1. Hello Clay,

      Thank you for the heads up – the photo has been amended to showcase the true Jason Chinnock.

      Have an amazing weekend, and thanks again!


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