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The Best ATV Goggles & Eyewear

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If you’ve already got your hands on a riding helmet, a good pair of ATV goggles is one of the next pieces of gear you must invest in. Goggles are often written off by riders who are just getting into the sport as a piece of equipment used only by competitive riders. However, we feel that they’re an essential part of your kit and can make a world of difference.

The best ATV goggles will protect your eyes from debris, moisture, sunlight, and condensation—all elements you’re likely going to run into on a ride. They’re also quite durable, so if you’re riding through a narrow trail in the woods, they’ll withstand potential impact from an outstretching branch or root thrown up by the rider in front of you.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ADV goggles out there. Just like with any piece of gear, you can find goggles across various price brackets, and we’re sure there’s at least one pair on this list that’s right for you.

Best Premium ATV Goggles Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles

Best Premium ATV Goggles

Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles


Oakley is a well-known name when it comes to both sunglasses and goggles. The Airbrake MX Goggles are their top-of-the-line product worn by athletes worldwide. These are the first pair of Oakleys to feature the company’s trademarked Plutonite lens—made from a durable, high-grade polycarbonate material. The lens also comes with tear-offs, so you can peel a layer off if they ever get mucky in the middle of a ride.

These goggles are incredibly comfortable and come with triple-layer foam lined with moisture-wicking fleece. The foam is removable for easy cleaning and washing. We also like the Switchlock Technology that makes it super simple to switch between lenses. Speaking of which, the price for the Airbrake MX varies depending on what kind of lens and strap you choose—so you get a little flexibility when it comes to your budget if you’re willing to make a compromise or two.


Lens Features:

  • Injection-molded Plutonite lens material provides 100% protection against ambient UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm
  • Expanded lens volume for optimized peripheral vision
  • Fog elimination of lens with Flow-Coat Anti-Fog coating
  • Integrated tear-off posts for mounting of optional laminated or standard tear-offs
  • Meets impact requirements based on ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938:2010 standards tested from 190 to 380 nanometers

Frame Features:

  • Exoskeleton chassis construction combines a rigid O Matter exterior with a pliable thermoplastic urethane faceplate that conforms to your face comfortably
  • Dual Switchlock mechanisms lock the lens securely in place
  • Rigid O Matter strap connections provide even distribution of goggle pressure
  • Twin surge ports at the top of the chassis channel airflow into the helmet
  • Low-profile frame design provides increased visibility and improved helmet compatibility
  • All-day comfort of O-Hydrolix triple-layer foam with moisture wicking polar fleece lining
  • Matte black textured inner frame surface for glare reduction
  • Microcellular urethane lens gasket seals out dust and moisture
  • Dual-adjustable strap with silicone lining provides a versatile, secure fit


  • 7-pack of Oakley Laminated tear-offs

Fox Racing Vue X Stray Goggles


The Vue X Stray is designed predominantly for MX riders and adheres to pretty high standards. It uses a dual-paned, anti-fog lens to reduce fogging on cold rides while also featuring multiple vent ports to allow air circulation in hotter climates. The pre-curved polycarbonate lens has a generous field of view, and you’ll barely notice these goggles after a couple of minutes of wearing them.

The Vue Goggles feature Fox Racing’s TruLock system, which employs a simple turn-to-release tab so you can change lenses in a matter of seconds. While they’re a lovely pair of goggles, they’re only available in black. So if you place form over functionality and are looking for something a little more brightly colored, this may not be the pair for you.


  • Designed and developed exclusively with Ken Roczen
  • Dual-pane injected polycarbonate lens is designed to provide optical clarity and protect against roost impact while working to reduce fog in adverse conditions
  • Quick change locking outrigger system makes lens replacement fast and easy
  • A wide view port provides exceptional peripheral vision
  • 360 venting optimizes airflow, keeping the rider cool and reducing fogging
  • 45mm strap with backing silicone provides superior helmet grip
  • Dual compound frame–soft TPR faceplate shapes to rider’s face with durable ABS/Nylon outer frame
  • 3-layer molded face foam for a comfortable fit
  • Anti-fog lens treatment minimizes moisture
  • Five pack non-laminated Tear-offs included
  • Clear dual-pane lens included

100% Armega Goggles


The 100% Armega Goggles are some of our favorite ATV goggles out there, and we think they offer the best bang for your buck. The Armega frame comes with a sweat management system that draws moisture away from the lens and out of the goggles via an integrated channel in the frame. There are also air intakes that increase ventilation and allow for a fog-free experience.

The lens is exceptionally durable and made of a shatterproof material. This is also one of the most transparent lenses that you will ever see through. It’s mounted onto the frame with a secure 6-point locking tab and is very simple to swap. Depending on what lens you choose—Clear, Silver Finish, or something else—prices for these goggles vary between $90 and $120. The cost of individual lenses ranges between $25 and $35, and there are several options to choose from.


  • Category-defining Ultra HD lens provides unmatched optical clarity
  • Quick-release system offers simple lens-changing capabilities
  • 6-point locking tabs integrate with quick-change system, maximizing lens retention
  • Injection-molded 2mm impact-rated, shatter-resistant lens
  • Bonded, dual-injection frame construction maximizes strength and durability
  • Forced air intake ports increase circulation and maximize humidity evacuation
  • Contouring compression seal technology keeps goggles in place
  • Next-generation sweat collection management and drainage system
  • Perforated triple-layer face foam manages sweat and increases ventilation
  • Ultra-wide 48mm strap with thick silicon bead for maximum grip
  • Removable nose guard for extra deflection against roost and debris

Best Mid-Range ATV Goggles

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles


Leatt is one of the top players in the MX space for armor. Their roost deflectors and guards are considered some of the best, and the brand delivers just as much quality with the Velocity 6.5. Leatt says these goggles are “bulletproof” and can easily withstand both roost and impacts from branches.

The lens also has a wide 170° field of view and can be swapped out in under 20 seconds. The Velocity 6.5 also comes with some features we saw in the more expensive goggles, like tear-offs and a removable nose guard. Our only complaint about the Velocity 6.5 is that it’s a little on the pricier side for what it has to offer—for just a bit more money, you can get your hands on the 100% Armega, which is a better pair of goggles, overall.


  • ANSI Z87.1-2015 impact test certified
  • Military Ballistic Impact Standard (MIL-DTL-43511D)
  • Certified CE EN 1938:2010 impact test
  • Outriggers with a 50mm anti-slip coated strap
  • WideVision (170°) Anti-Fog lens
  • Permanent anti-fog function built into the inner lens polymer
  • Self-draining lens/frame design
  • Easy clip-in/out lens change
  • Dual-density frame for fit, seal, and comfort
  • Tapered custom shape to fit even those difficult helmets
  • OTG (over-the-glasses) fit
  • Triple-layer, dual-density foam with anti-sweat fleece backing
  • Roll-off ready for WideVision 48mm system (optional)
  • Tear-off ready with posts
  • Tear-off pack included
  • Removable nose guard
  • Soft bag included
  • Optional lenses available from 22 to 83% light transmission (VLT)

Scott Prospect Goggles


The Scott Prospect goggles are arguably the best-looking pair on this list. They come in multiple color combos, all of which look pretty spectacular. Apart from the aesthetics, these goggles also come with some neat features. For instance, they have pivoting outriggers that can be used to adjust the fit of your goggles. This way, you can ensure a snug fit, irrespective of the shape or size of your helmet.

For a few extra dollars, you can also get Scott’s WFS50 Click-On canister that easily lets you switch from roll-offs to tear-offs. We’re also a fan of the lens-locking system, which is incredibly simple to use. Overall, this is an excellent value-for-money option and even gives some of the more expensive goggles on this list a serious run for their money.


  • Lens lock system
  • Articulated outriggers
  • 3-layer molded face foam
  • NoFog anti-fog lens treatment
  • Extra-wide 50mm no-slip silicone strap
  • One chrome finish and one clear lens included
  • Removable nose guard
  • Microfiber goggle bag included
  • Works 4-pin tear-off system (tear-offs sold separately)

100% Accuri 2 Goggles


The Accuri 2 is another pair of great goggles from the house of 100%. It draws inspiration from the range-topping Armega and shares features like the triple-layer closed-cell foam for the eye ports. The lenses are made of a high-impact Lexan and come with a fog-resistant coating.

What makes 100% lenses so great is that the lenses are interchangeable across the lineup. So, if you also have a Racecraft 2 or Strata 2 pair of goggles, you can use the same lens across all your goggles.



  • Improved fitment and seal with increased field of view
  • Supports triple post tear-offs for secure fitment
  • Ultra-thick triple-layer face foam soaks up sweat
  • 45mm wide silicone-coated strap for maximum grip
  • 9-point lens retention system secures lens in the frame
  • Anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for clear vision
  • Shares the same replacement lenses and tear-off films as Racecraft 2, Accuri 2, and Strata 2 Goggles

In the box:

  • Extra clear replacement lens (for mirrored lens goggles)
  • Sublimated microfiber carry bag

Best Budget ATV Goggles

Oakley O Frame MX Goggles


The O Frame MX is another excellent pair of goggles from the house of Oakley. They’re not as feature-rich as the Airbrake MX, but they’re still a solid pair for casual and competitive use. These are Ricky Carmichael’s go-to pair when he’s competing in motocross. If that doesn’t attest to their quality, I’m unsure what will.

Some stand-out features on the O Frame MX include a scratch-resistant Lexan lens, triple-layer face foam, a non-slip silicone treated strap, and mounts for laminated tear-offs.


  • Flexibility even in extreme cold via urethane frame construction
  • Comfortable and secure fit of a wide, adjustable elastic strap
  • Minimized reflective glare via interior surface texturing
  • Convenience of the 2-pin attachment system for tear-offs
  • Comfort and fit of triple-layer face foam
  • Scratch resistance and optical clarity of Lexan lens material
  • Secure and stable fit via silicon lining on the inside of the strap
  • Compatible with Attack Mask nose guard
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 for high-velocity impact
  • Meets EN 1938 for MX goggles requirements

100% Strata 2 Goggles


100% is on this list multiple times simply because the brand makes excellent ATV and MX gear. The Strata 2 Goggles are a shining example of that. With prices starting at just $25, these offer excellent value for money. These goggles come with a dual-layer foam eye port seal and grippy silicone-lined head strap. While the frame is durable, it allows for a bit of flex so you can have a comfortable fit.

Like some of the more expensive units we looked at above, the Strata 2 also comes with Lexan lenses with a fog-resistant coating. The lens mounting system of all the 100% goggles is the same 9-pin design, and this is one of the most straightforward and secure systems we’ve used. And, just like the 100% Accuri 2, the lens on this is compatible with the rest of the brand’s goggle lineup.


  • Clear anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision
  • Nine pin lens retention system
  • Plush dual-layer moisture managing foam around the eye-port
  • 40mm wide strap with silicone backing to eliminate slippage
  • Shares the same replacement lenses and tear-off films as Racecraft 2, Accuri 2, and Strata 2 Goggles
  • Microfiber storage bag

Fly Racing Focus Goggles


The Fly Racing Focus goggles may be the most affordable ones on this list, but that does not mean they compromise on safety or performance. The Focus uses a polyurethane frame and polycarbonate lens. The clarity through the lens isn’t on par with some of the more premium goggles on this list, but if this is your first pair of goggles, you’ll find no reason to complain. It also comes with an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.

The rest of the features that Fly Racing offers here is quite similar to those seen on the 100% Strata 2. These include the dual-layer cell foam eye-port seal and silicon-lined head strap.


  • Polycarbonate lens with premium anti-scratch & anti-fog coatings
  • Lightweight yet durable polyurethane frame
  • Engineered frame design increases field of view, providing massive peripheral vision
  • Quick change replacement lens
  • Two-layer face foam provides all-day comfort and a tight seal
  • Optional accessories and lens colors are available
  • Compatible with FLY nose guards
  • 40mm adjustable double buckle strap for easy goggle tension adjustment
  • Non-slip silicone on the inside of the strap ensures a secure fit to your helmet



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