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Bell Mag-9 Sena

Bell Announces Mag-9 Sena Bluetooth Helmet

Bell Mag-9 Sena
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Bell Mag-9 Sena Review Summary
Review Summary

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December 12, 2012 (Editor) – We’ll take some credit for this one! During the 2009 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana (report), I suggested to Bell that they partner with someone like Sena to develop an in-helmet Bluetooth intercom system for their lineup.

During the same show, I hinted to Sena that Bell was interested in adding a Bluetooth intercom to their helmets. Kind of a subtle matchmaking I guess!

Well, those hints took, because we finally have the first offspring: the Bell Mag-9 Sena! I’ve had a Mag-9 review on the “to do” list for a couple of years, and this boils it up to the top. We’ll be reviewing the new Bell Mag-9 Sena helmet as soon as they’re ready for shipment, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, be sure to read our older Bell Mag-8 helmet review. The Mag-8 was, of course, the forerunner of the new Mag-9.

Here’s the Bell press release for the Mag-9 Sena:

Bell Helmets announced the release of the Mag-9 Sena at the 2012 Long Beach International Motorcycle Show.

The Mag-9 Sena is an open-face helmet designed specifically to accommodate the Sena SMH10 Bluetooth (review) stereo headset communications system. Bell is the first helmet manufacturer to integrate a docking system for the Sena SMH10 system, allowing for convenient attachment.

The Mag-9 Sena allows riders to remove the helmet’s dock cover and easily insert and attach the Sena Bluetooth SMH10 communication system, without compromising the fit.

“Our Santa Cruz design/engineering team spent countless hours studying the market and potential Bluetooth partners before developing this new design that provides an unmatched riding experience in both terms of both sound and comfort” said Chris Sackett, Business Unit Director for Bell Powersports.

“Unlike many communication systems, there is no cutting, drilling or tearing apart of your helmet, and riders who already have the Sena SMH10 can simply transfer it to the Mag-9 Sena.”

With enhanced fit and upgraded features, such as a smoother shield operation, the Mag-9 Sena is built with a tough, but lightweight, polycarbonate shell. The helmet can be worn in multiple configurations, as the rider can choose to ride with or without the shield and visor. In addition, the Mag-9 Sena offers a fast and easy tool-free shield change, which has an optional drop-down sunshield.


“Our team of product developers continually seeks out new ways to integrate optimal riding solutions and choices in to motorcycle helmets. Our new partnership with Bell is our first engineering collaboration where we do just that — we have worked to physically integrate our popular SMH10 in to a helmet as one single unit” said Marc Woo, President of North and South America Operation, Sena Technologies, Inc.

“We want riders to love using their Sena Bluetooth headsets and our partnership with Bell is a way for consumers to get both their helmet and Bluetooth device together.”

The Bell Mag-9 helmet will have a list price of $179.95 (without the Sena intercom). The Mag-9 Sena meets DOT standards and comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

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