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Auto drone cams follow your ride

AirDog drone
AirDog drone

Get that GoPro off your helmet and stick it on a drone that will automatically follow you while you ride, providing aerial shots of you and your surroundings.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of GoPro video shot from helmets or the tank of a bike. Boring!

Now there are two companies which are trying to get auto drone cameras off the ground, so to speak. They are Squadrone System’s Hexo+ drone and the AirDog from Helico Aerospace Industries.

These drones can track your route and you can determine exactly how far and at what angle they video you.


The Hexo+ drone communicates with the user’s iOS or Android smartphone and will follow at a set position determined using an app. The rider can specify how far it hovers and at what angle from you. The drone then hovers in position until the user starts moving, then it tracks them.


The AirDog uses a dedicated beacon worn on the wrist or helmet to track the user or can use an app for more complicated flight programs such as static hovering over a spot, circling the user or panning shots. The app can also share their video online.
Both can be supplied with or without an action camera such as a Go Pro.

Hexo+ drone
Hexo+ drone works via an app

The Hexo+ has a top speed of 70km/h and a flight time of 15 minutes per battery charge and can maintain a shooting distance of up to 50m.

The AirDog is a quadcopter with rotor-arms that fold away for easy storage. It can reach speeds of 64km/h with a flight time of 10-15 minutes on a charge.

Early finding pledges for these kickstarter products will cost $499 for the Hexo+ and $1195 for the AirDog.

Just imagine the YouTube videos you could post of your ride with one of these units! It would also save the hassle of police trying to fine you for having a GoPro on your helmet.