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ATV Mudding | Where To Get Dirty (and how to get clean again!)

ATV Mudding | Where To Get Dirty (and how to get clean again!)

ATV mudding is a lot of fun, the kind of fun you had when you jumped into a mud puddle with both boots as a kid. It involves the inexplicable desire to get your ATV deep into a mud hole just to try and drive it out again. It makes no sense, it’s not supposed to, pin the throttle and get dirty! Some of my fondest moments were of getting my Yamaha Blaster stuck in the mud!

This ATV mudding picture was captured with a Canon EOS 30D DSLR camera in Feb 2008 at the Croom Off Highway Vehicle area. Eron decided to head out to the State Forest’ ATV mud pit in Brooksville Florida and I’m glad he remembered that camera!

Where can I find good ATV mud pits?

The World Wildlife Fund endorses the Withlacoochee State Forest as one of “The 10 Coolest Places You’ve Never Been”. The Croom Off Highway Vehicle Area, complete with its ATV mud pits, is what has made the park very popular nation wide. If you’re looking for a little mud to ride your ATV in, there’s LOTS in Withlacoochee!

In the late 60’s off road enthusiasts began using the Croom OHV area in greater numbers and as a result of environmental damage and confrontations with hunters the Division of Forestry tried to ban ATV use. They were unsuccessful and The Croom ATV Area rules were established instead.

There are a lot of whoops in Croom too. Being that this is an official area to ride ATVs and dirt bikes in, and that there are camping sites nearby, the area is well developed. There are trails everywhere and even some hills to ride on.

  • ATV mud pit locations…
  • The High Lifter Off-Road Park in Shreveport, LA (
  • Busco Beach in Goldsboro, NC (
  • Durhamtown Off-Road Resort in Union Point, GA (
  • Red Creek Off-Road in Perkinston, MS (
  • Muddy Bottoms ATV Park in Sarepta, LA (
  • Muddy Joe’s Off-Road Park in Kiln, MS (update: website closed)
  • The Mud Creek Off-Road Park in Jacksonville, TX (update: website closed)

How do I clean the mud off my ATV?

I recommend an ATV mud remover called “Tough Mudder”. It’s biodegradable and tough on mud but won’t harm your paints, plastics and rubbers if used as instructed. Together with a good brush, a hose or sprayer, and some elbow grease it will clean the mud off just about any ATV. If you can’t find it at your local ATV store. Another mud removal brand I’ve used with success in the past is called “Slick”. Both cleaners help mud slide off your ATV if used in advance.

Getting your ATV clean again after a good romp in the mud pits is easier if you prepare the ATV in advance. This great ATV cleaning tip has saved me a lot of time, wash and wax the ATV in advance! The same cleaner that does a great job at removing mud and stains from your ATV after a mud run will also protect it from sticky mud if you apply it before a mud run. Washing all terrain vehicles after mudding is easier if you wash them before too, the mud slips off quickly.

A pressure sprayer can also help a great deal in cleaning mud off an ATV, just make sure to use it before the mud dries and becomes harder to remove. Try and keep the mud away from the air intake area, cleaning mud out of the engine is a much tougher task. A snorkel kit can help depending on how deep into the mud you plan to ride.

After a good romp in the mud it’s a good idea to wash your ATV and change the oil, better safe than sorry! It’s also a good time to inspect the air filter, suspension, body and wiring and check for signs of damage.

Common ATV mudding mods, gear, parts and accessories

  • Replace stock tires with larger ATV mudding tires
  • Reduce tire air pressure to 5 lbs
  • Use bead-lock rims with the new tires
  • Add a snorkel kit
  • Seal critical components, like the air-box
  • Install a winch, getting out is half the fun!
  • Install a lift kit and skid plates
  • Relocate the radiator upwards
  • Apply marine grease and/or WD-40 to everything
  • Install an after-market exhaust system for extra horsepower
  • Use silicone grease to keep moisture away from electrical connections
  • Install fender flares to widen them
  • Install after-market high-grip Nerf bars
  • Add an ATV temperature gauge, engines heat up quickly in the mud
  • Wear a good rain suit and bring extra dry clothes

Which is the best ATV for mudding? You’ve got many options!