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Astric jacket also covers your motorbike

Astric Sports motorcycle jacket includes a bike cover

This Astric Sports motorcycle jacket includes a “compression bag” in the back for protection that converts to a bike cover when parked.

Astric Sports, Hong Kong, have launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding appeal to raise $A25,425. So far they have $1768 of their $25,645 goal from six backers with a month to go.Astric Sports motorcycle jacket includes a bike cover

The bomber-style jacket is made in Hong Kong and Vietnam from of 65% nylon and 35% polyester with a polyester and Brazilian quilted cotton lining.

It doesn’t sound very abrasion resistant, but the cover that packs into the back may provide a bit of a cushion if you land on your back.

But obviously, not as much protection as a CE-approved back protector.

There is also no mention of any armour.

So it’s not really a motorcycle jacket, but the sort of thing you see scooter riders wearing in Asia.

The Astric cover is Grade 5 water-resistant and has holes to help secure the cover on your biker.Astric Sports motorcycle acket includes a bike cover

It comes in navy black and olive green and is not cheap at $US338 (about $A435) for the jacket and cover.

The jacket comes in sizes M to 4XL and you can select your bike cover size separately.

The cover comes in four sizes: small is 183x89x120cm, medium is 203 x 89 x 120cm, large is 228 x 99 x 124cm and extra large is 246 x 104 x 127cm. So that should cover most sizes of bikes.

  1. I can’t remember how many times I’ve thought to my self “I wish my jacket would turn into a bike cover.” Actually I can, zero.
    If the weather is inclement enough to want to put a cover on the bike, chances are I would prefer to be wearing the jacket myself.
    So if somebody steals your bike cover, they steal your jacket as well. Just remember to take your wallet and keys out of the jacket before you put it on the bike.

    1. Last photo you saw just before you typed your comment very clearly shows this is not the case. Looks like you just read the headline then went straight to the comments.

      1. Tragically, yes.

        However, I am still unenthralled with the prospect of a jacket with limited backpack capability, or a limited backpack with jacket functionality.

  2. This guy needs to fit solar panels to it to charge an electric bike while he’s of smoking whatever he’s got to be smoking to come up with an idea that only slightly less dumb than solar road ways or the hype loop

  3. It looks like if you go to their Kickstarter crowd-funding appeal you get the jacket/cover in April for ~$Aus213. Don’t know if you get a refund if it doesn’t go ahead, couldn’t see any details about this 🙁
    so I suspect you wouldn’t because funds would be used in development costs.

    Product looks quite good, it’s a rain jacket to be worn over your normal stuff & a bike cover to be worn by the bike.
    I’d check the dimensions of the bike cover to make sure it was big enough.

    If it was sold in Australia for $200 I’d buy it immediately. $400 is too much.

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