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Artificial Intelligence bikes coming

Kawasaki Rideology will talk with riders
Kawasaki Rideology will talk with riders

Future Kawasaki motorcycles will have artificial intelligence (AI) that will adapt the bike to your riding style and skill level based on “conversations” between rider and bike.

Many riders will have spoken to their bike, usually obscenities when they break down.

However, Kawasaki has announced they are developing a natural language dialogue system system where the rider can talk to their bike and the bike can talk back to them.

It’s called “RIDEOLOGY” and Kawasaki explains it as:

In order to RIDEOLOGY = strength and kindness be manipulated coexist to achieve a motor cycle is a joy, that challenge to all the possibilities, that Kawasaki own to “run = RIDE” of “Good = IDEOLOGY”.

We’re still not sure what that means, but basically the video below shows how rider and bike would talk to each other.

Kawasaki says AI will “give a personality that has a personality to each motor cycle”.

The video does not say how the rider would talk to the bike, but we suspect it would be via a Bluetooth intercom paired to the engine’s computers.

Kawasaki’s move into artificial intelligence follows Yamaha’s similar developments with their plans to have an automated self-riding motorcycle available within a decade.

Yamaha Motobot, a robot that rides a motorcycle
Yamaha Motobot, a robot that rides a motorcycle

The Yamaha self-riding robot is called Motobot and the idea is that it would take over in emergency situations.

It seems the future of riding will include handing over your safety responsibility to computers!

While this may be good for learners, we wonder how they would ever become advanced riders, if they are always coddled in an AI safety net.ABS alcohol locks

Similarly, we are finding young drivers relying on driver aids such as ABS, traction control, electronic stability control, emergency braking systems and other electronic gizmos to abdicate their driving responsibility.

Instead of artificial intelligence, how about some real intelligence developed by proper rider/driver training?

  1. “Instead of artificial intelligence, how about some real intelligence developed by proper rider/driver training?”

    Couldn’t have said better myself.

    Mind you, some road authorities in this country would do well with some artificial intelligence, at least they would then have some.

  2. Douglas Adams covered this idea in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I wonder if – like Zaphod was – we’ll be forced into having to threaten to reprogram the thing with a large axe just to get it to do what we want?

    Or if we’ll have conversations like this?:

    “Do you want me to sit in a corner and rust, or just fall apart where I’m standing?” –Marvin

    “I could calculate your chance of survival, but you won’t like it.” –Marvin

    Arthur: “Marvin, any ideas?”
    Marvin: “I have a million ideas. They all point to certain death.”

  3. If their press releases cannot translate Japanese into English and make sense, how will their computers translate my own English into machine language?

    Me: “Ok Bike, soften suspension for city riding.”
    Kawasaki: “Did you say: Mono across the intersection and pass the police car?”
    Me: “Yes, huh? what No?”

    Me: “Stop! End! Cancel! Abort! Escape!”
    Me: “No not Escape like that! Control Alt Delete!…”

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