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US Army clothing could warm riders

US Army electric fabric

The US Army is funding research into materials with electronic nanowires to heat the fabric that could eventually lead to warmer rider gear.

The Stanford University research was presented recently at the 254th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.

It follows BMW research using fish scales and event fruit to make rider gear more protective.

The US Army will be the first to benefit from the Stanford Uni research as they are financing the research.

However, researchers say the material could also make its way into consumer clothing, including motorcycle riding gear.

Riders already have access to motorcycle gear with electronic heating elements that require plugging into battery packs, such as this gear from Venture Heat powered riding gear.

However, the Stanford Uni research says their fabric that is woven with nanowire could be powered by a watch battery and raise temperatures by up to 37C in one minute.

No need for bulky batteries and clumsy connecting cords.

The scientists say the silver nanowires in the fabrics can withstand repeated laundering.

They are also incorporating a layer of sweat-absorbing hydrogel particles made of polyethylene glycol to stop other layers in the fabrics from getting wet.

It would also make the material quicker to dry.