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Aprilia Has an Upcoming Small-Displacement Adventure Bike

Aprilia Terra 250

 It’s a 250cc

Aprilia is known for its sportbikes, not adventure bikes, but the company recently saw success with the Terra 150 in Asia and now the company seems to be working on a 250cc. According to MoreBikes, the bike in the image above is a 250cc tester that was spotted. The spy photographer snapped an image of it.

The bike is rumored to feature a 249.2cc single-cylinder motor. It’s the same as the GPR 250. This should mean the bike will put out around 26 hp at 9,000 rpm. Torque for the little thumper will sit somewhere around 16 lb-ft. The bike will also likely get some long-travel suspension and an 18-inch tire up front and 17-inch tire in the rear.

There’s also a rumor, according to MoreBikes, that Aprilia will put out a more hardcore adventure version of the bike with upgraded suspension, bigger wheels, and more ground clearance. Regardless of what Aprilia chooses to do with the bike, I think it’s safe to say we won’t get it here in North America, which is a shame. Right now Aprilia doesn’t even sell the Terra in Europe, and bikes from Asia usually go there before they come to North America. If the motorcycle is a big hit and then goes to Europe, it could come here next, but I’m not holding my breath. I’ll just admire it from afar.

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  1. Please, not another tiny “adventure” bike! We need something to replace the KLR650 and the likely soon to be replaced other old school 650 thumpers. Not saying they have to be 650’s or thumpers or old school, they just need to be +40 HP, weigh less than 400 LBS, be easy to maintain and be “full sized” IE, have the ability to haul a 6 foot tall and somewhat overweight old fella and a bunch of gear many many miles at 80 MPH and/or 2 MPH and cost less than 7 grand. C’mon! Try harder!

  2. I agree, I’m 67 square, 67 old and 67 tall,, fat and overweight, my 2016 Africa twin is getting heavier and taller..I will definitely buy something 400 lb or close to 400 lb 40 50 horsepower that can get off the road and get back on it..