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Annual Aldi motorbike gear sale

Aldi annual sale - Riders urged to support motorcycle dealers claims
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You better line up early next Saturday (August 19, 2017) for the annual Aldi motorcycle gear sale as it usually sells out of popular products very quickly.

The annual sale kick starts at 8am with a wide range of cheap and good quality gear.

Among the offerings is this gear from Torque: Helmet $79.99, leather gloves $29.99, summer Jacket $139, motorcycle cover $29.99, tank or tail bag $39.99 and boots $89.99.

It appears there is a smaller range of goods and no female-specific items available this year. Check the “special buys” site here for a full list.

Just because Aldi gear is cheap does not mean it is necessarily bad quality.

In 2015, Neuroscience Research Australia’s Dr Liz de Rome, a rider since 1969, told the NSW Parliament’s Motorcycle Safety Inquiry that there “is no association between the cost of garments and their protective value, when you look across the spectrum of what is available”.

Liz De Rome - motorcycle gear annual Aldi sale
Liz De Rome

“Cost and brand name is no indicator of whether the garment is fit for purpose,” she told the Inquiry.

“We have to find a market mechanism to force the manufacturers to improve their products, and to enable that through what the riders buy.

“The best quality product in the market in Australia today is probably the stuff in Aldi.”

(Liz is NOT an employee of Aldi, nor a paid spokesperson.)

This year Aldi will stock the usual range of open and full-face helmets, leather and textile jackets, leather and denim pants, socks, bluetooth intercom, but no women’s clothing.

An Aldi spokesperson says their motorcycle products are “top quality” and “properly certified”.

“The majority of the Aldi Torque motorcycle protective clothing adhere to strict European safety standards for abrasion, impact and cut resistance,” the spokesperson says.

“Our motorcycle jackets and non-denim pants meet EN 13595 Level 2 Certification and have an abrasion resistance of between 12 and 19 seconds. Our carbon knuckle and padded leather motorcycle gloves are both EN 13594 Certified. The full-face and open-face motorcycle helmets meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards and are AS/NZS 1698 approved, and SAI Global stickered.”

Euro labelling can be confusing, but riders should look for is EN13595 (level 1 and 2) for clothing where the abrasion resistance for level 1 clothing is 4 seconds and above, and level 2 is 7 seconds and above.

The number for the armour approval standard is EN1621-2 (previously EN1621-1) followed by a letter which corresponds to the location such as S for shoulder, E for elbow, K for knee etc.

The prices are so cheap and the number of items so low, you can guarantee most of the good stuff will be gone in short time.

We’ve had a range of Aldi gear over the years and found they are good quality and long-wearing.

Aldi motorcycle gear annual sale
Some of our Aldi motorcycle gear

Aldi does not stock motorcycle gear permanently, but holds their annual sale to encourage new customers into their shops.

Aldi opened in Australia in 2001 and now has 484 stores, up from 429 stores last year and 365 stores in 2015 in all states and territories except Tasmania and Northern Territory. Find your closest store.

The Aldi spokesperson says all products come from overseas. “The innovation and quality of our international products cannot currently be matched here in Australia.”

They say their prices are kept low by eliminating all “costly extras and overheads by selecting only the best products in each category, displaying products in reusable crates and not giving out plastic bags, which also encourages customers to recycle”.

They also don’t have customer loyalty programs or expensive point-of-sale displays.

  • This article is provided as a free information service to readers who can choose what they want to do with that information. It is NOT paid for by Aldi or any other company. 
  1. Doesn’t seem as much gear this year compared to last? Maybe they need to have 2 sales? One for Summer gear and one for Winter gear?

  2. Why no women’s gear? We always seem to be left out. More and more women riders are getting on bikes each year. Very disappointing.

    1. Aldi have a womens only gear sale after the one for everybody. Every year. Why no men only sale? We always seem to be left out. More and more male riders are getting on bikes each year. Very disappointing.

  3. All my Aldi gear is still going strong so I’m not surprised to see a smaller range this year as last year all of the stores near me had quite a bit of left over stock for many weeks.

    This year they have a new summer jacket in the catalogue but it’s totally black which is the worst colour for summer!

    1. The picture of the summer jacket looks the same enough as last year’s jacket (which I have). The armour makes it surprisingly heavy. I agree that a summer jacket could be a lighter colour.

  4. Aldi supplies wrong sizes.
    All the small size jeans (M) go first day, could easily sell twice the amount on day 1
    but the large & extra large, tent size, hang around for weeks.
    Aldi’s ordering done by elephants.

  5. I bought size 8 short-cut boots last year and found I didn’t have as much room between the foot peg and gear lever as I thought and consequently went back to wearing ordinary dress boots. The Aldi boots haven’t gone to waste as I also ride a scooter and they are great for that and keeping your feet warm in winter. I am thinking of buying a pair of the long boots this time and would appreciate other riders thoughts on the thickness of the boot and gap between the foot peg and gear lever. I’ve got a bung ankle and it seems like the size of the boot means pointing your ankle down – straining it rather than more straight out in a conventional boot. BTW also bought leather jacket, helmet and paddock stand last time – all OK. Being a fat short arse the armor protected jeans don’t work as the armor protection is either 4 inches above or below your knee – one size (length) doesn’t fit all – but hey – their good for the money – if they’re your size.

    1. Apparently no long boots this year, just the ankle-length Johnny Reb lookalike.

      Their 2016 long boot was a bit “chunky” and taller at the gearlever than would have been ideal for me, maybe by 1cm. However, the leather is fairly thick and even after a few coats of Liddy’s Leatha Phane oil these boots take some bedding in. I usually take a size 9 or maybe 9 1/2 but Aldi’s size 8 fit me ok and their size 9 was way too big.

  6. Yes well that was a flop, anything in demand sold out in 2 hours but heaps of stuff nobody wanted, plastic helmets, jeans too big for elephants etc still lying around. Who at Aldi buys this stuff nobody wants but forgets about what the customer actually does want – some sort of crazy OutOfControl computer program?

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