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American Chopper returns as OCC

American Chopper is making a TV comeback as Orange County Choppers without Paul Teutel Jnr.

After the dramatic falling out between Paul Snr and Jnr and the ratings flop led to the axing of the decade-long motorcycle custom series last year, few would have believed a comeback was possible.

In a press release issued by the CMT channel in the US, it says the eight-episode series begins on November 16.

It remains to be seen if dad can carry the series on his own without sons Paulie and Mikey and whether his outdated style of bike customisation will gain a foothold with the audience.

If it does, expect the show to spread around the world.

The press release refers to the “premiere season”, so maybe they already have a deal for more.

These are apparently the highlights:

  •  An international client orders a custom “dragon bike” that becomes one of the most intricate builds the team has ever taken on. When a prank goes awry and a piece of the dragon is broken, all hands must be on deck to resolve the problem and finish the bike by the time the client returns to the States.
  • One of America’s most beloved restaurants commissions Senior and his team to build a bike for a giveaway at their annual national convention. The event is a huge corporate initiative for the company—and it’s crucial that the bike impress the audience of nationwide franchise members. Pressure mounts toward the end of the assembly when a problem with an important bracket and a chrome-bubbling issue threaten to keep the bike from the looming reveal date.
  • GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, orders a bike to present to a veteran on stage at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The team only has two and a half weeks to design and build a chopper that’s worthy of a Purple Heart recipient—and that will be unveiled in front of thousands of die-hard motorcycle fans.