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Advantages of Applying A Ceramic Coating For Your Motorcycle

Ceramic coating is a dressing made of a liquid polymer. When applied to the surface of your motorbike, the coating with the assistance of the liquid polymer will form a strong chemical and cohesive bond with the original paintwork. The bond is so strong that its removal can only be done by mechanical abrasive methods such as using a machine buffer with a heavy cutting compound. The same method you would use to fix scratches and correct the paintwork is the same method for removing ceramic coatings. Now, you can gather an idea of how strong the chemical bond is. Surely, incomparable to other paint protections such as waxes and paint sealants, which offer no level of hardness whatsoever, more or less protection against dust and dirt but no physical abrasion.

The main goal of applying ceramic coatings on motorcycles is protection and of course, the nice luster shines as well. A ceramic coating is arguably one of the methods that will protect your motorcycle’s factory paint for a lifetime. Other than protection, here are other benefits you will derive from a ceramic coating:

The motorbike will stay cleaner for longer

When ceramic is coated on the body panel of bikes, it will create a pleasant and smooth thin layer that will be free from scratches. The smooth surface also eases the process of cleaning and in turn, keeps your motorcycle as glowing as new. Thanks to its super hydrophobic barrier, everything from water to dust to tree sap, will have a harder time sticking to a slippery surface. And when it does manage to stick on to the paintwork, it is super-easy to clean off. Essentially, it cuts your bike care time in half – achieve maximal shine with half the effort and time! One of the more popular requests out there is applying ceramic coating on the exhaust as it can withstand high temperatures and make it easier to clean.

It is better than waxes and sealants

Coating your motorcycle with ceramic nanotechnology beats using sealants and waxes every day of the week. Unmatched in its level of hardness (9H Grade), it’s level of glossiness is out of this world. Super glossy in comparison to waxes and sealants, really adding colour depth to your paintwork. 

The coating offers extended protection.

While this is the primary goal of many people who apply a ceramic coating on their motorcycles, there is extended protection offered to the bike. This includes resistance against chemical contaminants such dust, dirt, acidic bird droppings, abrasion/scratch, acid rain, mud and so on. While it also offers protection against typical wear and tear such as the scorching Summers and heat, which can really cause paint fading, oxidation and clear coat failure over time.

It is comparatively cheaper.

Despite the relatively higher initial cost, it is a cost-effective solution in both time and monetary terms. For the duration of the ceramic coating (years) there is no need to wax or polish your bike, given that you take the proper care for your motorcycle. Doing the detail, yourself can literally take you a whole day, a lot of product and believe us, it’s not easy and very tiring. You would have to schedule your detail a few times a year which can all add up in the long run. Whereas, with a ceramic paint protection, you could get away with performing a regular bike wash every few weeks without having to go through tiresome waxing and machine buffing to keep it looking the best it can be.

If you want to give your motorcycle a cleaner look and enjoy the above benefits, you should give the ceramic coating a try. It is also worth noting that the coating process needs skills and special equipment and hence it is better left to the professionals, if you do consider to go down this route.