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A New Helmet Survey Shows Many Motorcyclist Wear the Wrong Helmet Size

Simpson Mod Bandit helmet in Canmore, Alberta with 4SR 96 Stingray gloves.

Your Lid Can’t Protect You If It Doesn’t Stay On

According to a new survey performed by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), around 25 percent of motorcyclists wear the wrong size helmet. The survey also revealed that around 20 percent of riders said their helmet almost came off in a crash. The video below shows how a helmet can come off or come partially off a rider’s head in an accident.

The study first began in 2014, according to Visordown, and the laboratory’s work continues today. It’s actively looking for riders to take an online survey to assist with the research. If you have some time, why not contribute? It could help make motorcycling safer for all of us.

The helmet data TRL conducted so far is telling and somewhat surprising. We focus a lot of our energy talking about the design and features of a helmet and how those details will help keep you safe, but if 25 percent of riders have the wrong size helmet on their nogging, it doesn’t really matter as much how many advanced safety features there are. 

You may say, “any helmet is better than none.” That may be true in many cases, but a poorly fitting helmet won’t be able to prevent head trauma in the same way as a well-fitting one. It isn’t just the size that people get wrong. It’s head shape, too. A helmet with the wrong head shape not only will be less comfortable but it will also not be as safe as it could be. TRL’s mission is to do research on helmet fitment and then provide manufacturers with more accurate head shapes to work with.