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Quin Helmets Gets a New Global Design Center

Quin Design HQ for Quin Helmets

The Design District of Dallas, TX

Quin Design, the company behind Quin Design Helmets has moved its headquarters to the Design District of Dallas, Texas. The new design facility features over 100,000 square feet of space. This will allow for room for a design studio, prototyping workshop, showroom space, and more. The doors to the new facility will open in March. 

In case you’re not familiar with Quin Helmets, the company sells smart helmets with integrated Bluetooth and a Crash Detection system with an SOS beacon. The helmet pairs with a companion app to help you control the crash detection system and SOS beacon. 

Quin Helmets technology

Of the new design headquarters, Ani Surabhi, CEO and Chief Design said the following:

“We have been looking for a location that both has roots in the motorcycle community and offered architecture that allows us to build an elegant, open format design center. With A.M.S. Ducati Dallas, The Dallas Dainese Store, and HAAS Moto Museum all located within a stone’s throw of our building, we feel like we have found the perfect location for our new global design center.”

Jim will likely be testing a Quin Helmet later this year. We connected up with the guys making Quin happen at AIMExpo in 2019, and the company’s helmets looked and felt to be of high quality. It will be interesting to see what Jim thinks once he’s had some time to spend with the product.