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2022 Ducati Monster Review

Author on 2022 Ducati Monster outside
BikerKaz on the 2022 Ducati Monster.

Review Summary

  • The 2022 Ducati Monster gets a larger engine and a redesigned chassis, making it noticeably lighter and more powerful than previous models.
  • Available in standard and “+” modes, the 2022 Monster comes in three colour options.
  • The rear end of the bike could be cleaned up slightly and the quick shifter might not make a huge difference for everyday riders, but other features like launch control and the three different available riding modes offer noticeable performance improvements.
  • If you’re looking for a fun naked bike with plenty of modern tech, the 2022 Ducati Monster is well worth a test ride.

Review: My Blast with the 2022 Ducati Monster

My local Ducati dealer, On Yer Bike, very kindly loaned me their demo Monster for a few days, and what an absolute blast that was.

I can tell you now—if you like tech, then you’re going to love the tech on this bike!


  • Multiple riding modes give you plenty of control over your experience
  • Packed with handy rider aides like traction control and launch control
  • Larger engine and new chassis are improvements on previous models
  • Excellent headlights and indicators with auto-off function
  • Handles well in corners


  • Rear end could use a tail-tidy
  • Quick shifter doesn’t feel essential for daily riding

Key Specs & Features for the Ducati Monster

  • 937 cc twin engine
  • 111 bhp
  • 6 speed gearbox
  • Brembo front and rear brakes
  • Upside down forks
  • 3 seat heights: 820mm, 800mm, 775mm
  • 166 dry / 188kg wet weight
  • 4’3” tft display

Colour Options

The Monster comes in three colour options:

  • Aviator grey (red wheels) £11,095 / $12,806 / $16,794 CAD
  • Ducati red (black wheels) £10,895 / $12,577 / $16,492  CAD
  • Dark stealth (black wheels) £11,095 / $12,806 / $16,794 CAD

Available Trims

The Ducati Monster is available in two trims: Monster and Monster+.

Standard Equipment on the Ducati Monster

  • Ducati Quick Shift
  • Ducati Power Launch
  • 4.3″ TFT colour display
  • Full LED headlight and lighting system
  • Dynamic turn indicators
  • USB power socket

Standard Equipment on the Ducati Monster+

As above, as well as the following:

  • Flyscreen;
  • Passenger seat cover

Prices for the Monster+ start from £11,195 / $12,905 USD / $16,951 CAD

2022 Ducati Monster parked outside
The new 2022 Ducati Monster.

What’s New on the 2022 Ducati Monster?

This new Monster replaces the 821cc version that we have known and loved for many years.


The new engine is the 939 Testasretta 11° that is used in the Hypermotard, Supersport, and the Multistrada, with 2hp more than the 821 and 6 lb-ft more torque at peak, which comes in 1250rpm sooner than previously at 6500rpm.

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With just one monster in the line-up now instead of the 797, 821, 1200 and 1200 of 2020, the Monster has moved away from the old iconic steel trellis frame, and we can now see the new Panigale V4-inspired aluminium front chassis.


The weight has dropped considerably from the 821 as well, now weighing in at 166kg dry (or 188kg wet).


The new monster is smaller than the 821. The wheelbase is down to 1474mm from 1480mm, the bars are now 70mm closer to the rider, and although the seat is a little higher than before, at 820mm (from 810mm) it is also narrower to make the reach to the floor easier.

2022 Ducati Monster Powertrain


The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and Euro 5 homologation (for countries where this applies). As previously stated, this is the same engine that is used in the Hypermotard, Supersport and the Multistrada.

Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine in the Ducati Monster
The Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine.

Compared to the previous 821, it has more displacement, power, torque—and less weight (by 2.4 kg) to offer better rideability.

It now delivers 111 hp at 9,250 rpm with a maximum torque of 68.7 lb-ft delivered at just 6,500 rpm. Due to the increased displacement, torque is improved at all engine speeds, especially in the low-mid range.

Quick Shifter

The new Monster has gear shift control—up and down quick shifter. I don’t have this on my personal bikes, but many of my test bikes come with it these days. I can see the appeal of this on your bike as it does save a lot of effort for your left hand and gives a smooth gear change, but I am not sure I would pay extra to have it.

Quick Shift technology on the Ducati Monster 950
Quick Shift technology on the Ducati Monster 950.

If you do a lot of track days, then I can see it would be a must—but for day to day riding, I’m not so sure. Still nice to have, though.

2022 Ducati Monster Display

If you’re into modern features, then you will love the instrument panel on the new Monster—which is a 4.3” colour TFT display. The graphics come from the Panigale V4 and offer an array of information.

TFT Screen on the Ducati Monster 950
TFT Screen on the Ducati Monster 950.

Prominently displayed is the rev counter, speed and selected gear. If the side stand is down, a red square box that can be clearly seen will tell you so. The air temp and fuel level are both clearly visible, along with mileage and the temperature of the bike. A clock is also displayed in the top right corner.

Ducati Multimedia System

Available as an accessory you have access to the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), which will allow you to connect your smartphone to the bike via Bluetooth. Once this is done, you can also manage some functions via the buttons on the bars.

The display shows music player commands and headset connection status icons, as well as incoming call and message received alert icons.

TFT display on Ducati Monster 950
TFT display on the Ducati Monster 950.

Also displayed is the riding mode the bike is in—of which there are three to choose from: urban, touring, and sport.

2022 Ducati Monster Rider Aides & Modes

Here’s where the Monster gets even more techy. Within each riding mode there are additional ways to customize your experience!

Ducati Traction Control

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) acts as a smart “filter” between the accelerator and the rear tyre. You can select one of 8 (yes, eight!) different intervention levels. Each of the urban, touring and sport modes have default DTC levels, but you can then personalise these to better suit your unique riding style and the road conditions.

Launch Control

The launch control allows you to obtain an extremely effective start. When activated, the system autonomously manages the engine (whenever the throttle is opened), bringing the engine to maximum torque and letting you only manage the clutch at the start.

Ducati Wheelie Control

Wheelie Control allows the bike to achieve maximum acceleration by eliminating or limiting wheelies. I definitely love this mode—as I am really not a fan of wheelies—and this puts my mind at ease that I won’t get any unexpected or out-of-control wheelies! A definite plus point in my book.

Smart Power Mode

Depending on the model, there are three different preset maps to choose from that optimise the bike’s behaviour depending on the road conditions and your requirements. You can change the strategy at any time, even when the bike is moving using the handlebar controls and the indications on the instrument panel.

  • Power mode – High/Sport: dedicated torque curve in 1st gear and full torque curve in the other gears
  • Power mode – Medium/Touring: dedicated torque curves in 1st and 2nd gears and full torque curve in the other gears
  • Power mode – Low/Urban: dedicated torque curves in 1st and 2nd gears and limited torque curve (max. power 75 hp) in other gears

Phew! That’s a lot of tech to get your head around. You will need to take some time to go through the settings and set the bike up to your liking.

Ducati Monster 950 Design


The new Monster is a breath of fresh air compared to the 821, and I absolutely love it. It’s sleek and modern-looking, and I would say it has the looks of a streetfighter.

Ducati Monster 950 in Aviator grey with red wheels
The Ducati Monster 950 in Aviator grey with red wheels.

The Monster I had came in the Aviator grey, which comes with the wheels in red. The combination of the grey and the red is striking and, personally, I think it is the best of the three colours available.

In my opinion, the rear end needs cleaning up with a tail tidy. I know it is a legal requirement that the number plate is the rearmost part of the bike on all new bikes, but this would be one of the first things I would change on the bike.

Rear view of the Ducati Monster 950
The rear end of the Ducati Monster 950—I think it needs a tail tidy.

That said, the rear light is stylish and finishes off the rear seat area nicely. It’s compact and sleek with the seat cowl, which has the Ducati branding neatly at the front.

Headlight & Indicators

I am a fan of the single headlight, and the one on the Monster is no exception. It’s not the traditional round shape; it’s more oval and comes equipped with the daytime running light system. All the lights are LED, including the indicators, which offer excellent visibility in both daylight and the dark.

Headlight of Ducati Monster 950 with DRL LED lights
Headlight of the Ducati Monster 950 with DRL LED lights.

My favourite bit of indicator-related tech (and one that’s appearing on a lot of new bikes now) is the auto-off function, which stops them from flashing for too long if left on.

I have to say that when I get back on my personal bikes, which do not have this function, I have to get used to turning my indicators off again! It’s surprising how quickly you get used to these modern bits of tech.

USB Port

There is a small under-seat storage compartment with a USB socket, which is really handy. I use the USB socket under my bike to plug in a charging cable, which runs to the QuadLock mounted on my bars so I can plug in my phone. This is especially useful when using the SatNav, as this drains the phone battery rapidly.


The tires on the Monster are Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires with 120/70 on the front and 180/55 on the rear. Pirelli describe these tires as being ‘The third generation of the DIABLO ROSSO™ family: a sport tyre for road use, both on dry and wet road’. According to Ducati, these tires are perfect for a sporty and dynamic ride.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires on the Ducati Monster 950
Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires on the Ducati Monster 950.

When I had the Monster, the temperature was around 20 degrees celsius. I didn’t have any rain during the time I had the bike, so I am unable to say what the tires are like in the wet.

I found the tires okay in these temperatures, but I would be interested to see what they would be like when the weather is cooler (and also on a wet road). I wonder if a more all-around tire would be better.

My tires of choice are the Michelin Road 6. I have these tires on my personal bikes. I ride all year round in most weather conditions (I avoid ice and snow whenever possible!) and I find they offer me the grip and feedback that suits my riding style—plus, they’re brilliant in wet conditions.

Tire choice is very personal, and I think when you find a tire that suits your riding then you tend to stick with it.


For a standard exhaust on a new bike, I love what comes on the 2022 Monster. The end cans are really stylish and are Euro 5 compliant (in countries where this is applicable). I would like to keep these on the bike, as I think they are in keeping with the style of the bike and ooze that cool factor.

Close-up of exhaust for Ducati Monster 950
The exhaust of the Ducati Monster 950.

I would see if I could take the baffles out, however, as I personally like a louder exhaust. If they are not removable, then I would probably replace them, hopefully with like-for-like.

Riding the Ducati Monster

I had a lot of positive comments about the styling of the Monster when parked up. It is a pretty bike to look at, and when sitting on the bike, you can just feel the quality it has about it. The move away from the traditional trellis frame of the previous Monsters has been met with mixed reactions, but on the whole, most were positive.

Top of fuel tank and bars of Ducati Monster 950

I have to say, I was really impressed with this bike. I really loved the way it felt and how it made me feel when riding. It’s a lovely, very easy-to-ride bike with great handling. The Monster definitely loves corners and soaks them up beautifully, and I would find myself coming out of each corner with a big grin on my face.

The more I rode the Monster, the more I liked it. The Monster just wants to be ridden, and it keeps tempting you to get it back out the garage. I, for one, would be more than happy to keep obliging. In fact, I was very reluctant to give the bike back.

The 2022 Monster is definitely very worthy of consideration for a test ride if you are looking for a bike in this sector. You can also add accessories and personalise the Monster to suit your budget and requirements.

Check out a video of me riding the 2022 Ducati Monster here:

Comparing the Ducati Monster to the Competition

The Monster in the Aviator grey has an OTR price of £11,095 / $12,806 / $16,794 CAD. You are getting a lot of bike for your money here.

Other bikes I consider to be in the same category as the Monster are:

  • KTM 890 Duke (OTR £10,049 / $11,552 USD / $15,245 CAD) 889 cc with 115 bhp; a wet weight of 169 kg and seat height of 820 mm)
  • Kawasaki Z900 (OTR £9,699 / $11,149 USD / $14,714 CAD ) 948 cc with 125 bhp, a wet weight of 212 kg and a seat height of 820 mm)

Closing Thoughts on the Ducati Monster 950

I loved the Monster. It’s such a fun, easy bike to ride—and because it is light, it is nimble, too. I really couldn’t get enough of riding this bike, and I kept finding excuses just to go out on it.

I also loved the way the Monster made me feel when riding; it gave me the confidence I crave when riding a bike—especially in the corners. I love the styling and riding position. For the style of bike it is, it’s very comfortable to ride and a huge amount of fun, too. I definitely had a blast with the Monster.

Author seated on Ducati Monster 950 outdoors

I would love to have the Monster in my garage, not just because it’s cool to say you have a Ducati, but also because as a Ducati, it has the feel and build quality you would expect from a premium brand. It’s worth repeating here that I really did not want to give the Monster back.

Thanks again to you On Yer Bike for the loan of the Ducati Monster—it was a real privilege to ride.

– BikerKaz

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