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2017 Yamaha R6 photos leaked?

2017 Yamaha R6
2017 Yamaha R6?

Yamaha seems to be planning a 2017 model R6 while Honda is believed to be planning to scrap the CBR600RR because of sliding supersports sales and the expense of meeting tough new European emissions laws.

The above artists’s impresssion has appeared online showing an R6 that looks very much like the R1 with all its F1 aerodynamic wings that makes it look like an origami creation.

Other R1 design imitations are the air intakes on the fuel tank, indicators in the wing mirrors and the headlight shape.

The supersport category is dying around the world as the superbike category stages a slight revival with high-powered, hi-tech models.

There has been talk that the supersports category could be revived by forced-induction motors. Kawasaki and Suzuki have both been peering down that alley.

However, this image doesn’t seem to suggest turbo or supercharged power.

Yamaha will have to invest heavily in the 600cc supersports bike to keep it viable and to meet the new emissions targets.

There is no official word from Yamaha about a 2017 R6, but Yamaha is already tipped to drop the XJR1300 and XT660Z Tenere over the expense of meeting emissions targets.

  1. I sometimes wonder that some motoring journalists just like their political reporting siblings just have to beat up stories out of most minimal data and a lot of speculation.
    I keep seeing how the super sport category of motorcycle is “dying” based on a reduced sales and fear of emissions regulations. Really! many people I have spoken with in fact just about all like that type of machine and end up with something else because thats what was available second hand , as many “super sports” owners want to keep them , or because of aftermarket additions the bike has too great a correlation with the new price.
    They also agree both grey beard and pimple faced first time users of the razor , that anything much over 700cc is not really necessary.
    The emissions laws spoken about will still apply to the 998cc and above just as to a 675cc , and I will bet an 800 Bonnie does not shade a 600 CBR by that much if at all.Remember motor cars tend to have smaller engines too , so as to comply with emissions laws. Methinks its easier with motorcycles also.
    Then there is the obsession with speed (too much of it) regulators have had since the motor vehicle emerged , do these writers believe because you are on a 1000RR it will be somehow easier to slow down or will they feel better with the larger engine capacity only choked down on the fuel inlet side and rev limited as are some LAMS machines are now.
    I am a sport bike tragic and so are many others , don’t tell me they are passe just look at the popularity of the retro cafe racer style .
    So come on guys get some real data and insight in your stories instead of regurgitating what some one has written in some government report.

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