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2014 Honda NC750SA heads for the highway

2014 Honda NC750SA

Honda’s NC700SA “new concept” commuter has grown some highway legs, as well as more manners and grunt. It’s now the NC750SA and costs $8799 (plus on-road costs) which is just $309 more than the previous model. For that you get an extra 75cc of engine capacity with more power and torque.

But the NC750SA is not just a brawnier bike. It’s also got more highway manners with a second balancer shaft to make the parallel twin even smoother, plus taller gearing to make touring more enjoyable. Honda claims it not only accelerates faster, but also has a better spread of power and torque throughout the rev range and a higher top speed. Funny how a 670cc bike was called a 700 and now that it’s a 745cc it’s a 750. Numbers aside, the maths adds up to a more flexible bike that can be used not just on the commute, but also for a weekend away.

Other upgrades include a new muffler, more comprehensive instrumentation and an adjustable front-brake lever. It still has ABS, Honda’s immobiliser, and the fuel tank under the seat which makes it more stable because off the lower centre of gravity and allows the “fuel tank” to be used as a cargo area big enough to store a full-size helmet. The Honda NC750SA arrives in Australia in February in Graphite Black or Matt Pearl Glare White.

  1. Can’t believe they kept it as a P-Twin.

    Bring back Honda V-Twin or at the least make it in I-4.

    Test rode a 2012 NC700S on the w/end – I still prefer the SV650S. Even if the SV doesn’t have the same top speed or comfort,, it still gets up to it’s top speed quicker than the NC700S and has tons of character.

    I think in terms of marketing the tank space was innovative, original but ultimately redundant. I’m sure stock panniers would fit more space. Honda should also try to give their engines more character.

  2. I bought a new NC 700s in April last year at a very discounted price ($5500). Never had a bigger road bike before. My previous was a Vespa 150. I love the 700, but I imagine I would love any bigger bike because I lack experience and have no real benchmark to measure against, but I find the Honda strong in performance with lovely handling – good for an older guy like me. I assume that the new model is better, and would not hesitate to recommend it to a future buyer.
    Only issue for me has been throttle snatch in lower gears, which the dealer did not appear to want to know about. Did some adjusting myself, following advice from the NC owners forum, and it is better, but still not smooth. I’ll get the 12 month service done by the local Yamaha dealer, and hope they can sort out the snatch issue.

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