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2014 Harley first ride tomorrow

These are some of the 2014 model Harley-Davidsons we will be riding into the Rocky Mountains tomorrow.
Expectations are high and so is the temperature with 90F degrees (about 32C) outside, so we will definitely be able to test the new Twin-Cooled engine’s cooler rider comfort levels.
Australia’s motorcycle media contingent spent today at the local Mile High H-D dealership which has 110 Harleys on its rental fleet, claiming to be the biggest single hire group in the country.
Denver is popular for winter tourists with the nearby snow fields, and popular in summer with bikers riding the famed nearby Rockies. Most overseas bikers rent bikes locally to go exploring the famous mountain roads.
After lunch we visited the Forney Museum of Transportation in downtown Denver which has about 60 old bikes, mainly Indians and Hondas, as well as a couple of steam locos.
One of the locos had wheels that we reckon the Harley Sportster designers used as a template.
As the clock ticks down to the 110th anniversary celebrations in Milwaukee later this week, residents have been collecting welcome signs to wave at arriving bikers.
It’s a Harley Anniversary tradition with thousands of riders residents standing on the city’s highway overpasses waving the signs which they get free at the Harley-Davidson Museum and at local Harley-Davidson dealerships.
The best time to catch riders as they roar into town is Thursday, from 9am to 1pm.
Meanwhile, a group representing Wisconsin Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and state business leaders has announced a plan to rename Wisconsin’s stretch of U.S. Highway 45 the Harley-Davidson Heritage Highway of Honor.
“This is an appropriate way for Wisconsin to recognise the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, its impact on the culture of our state and nation, and what it means to US veterans throughout the world,” says Dave Zien, a former Wisconsin state senator and a member of Harley-Davidson’s Million Mile Rider Club.
Although the name change would apply only to Wisconsin’s portion of the highway, U.S. 45 is a north-south, border-to-border highway that stretches almost 2000km from Lake Superior to the Gulf of Mexico.
In other anniversary news, Irish band The Strypes are hitching a ride on the success of the new Harley-Davidson ad campaign.
They covered the Beatles’ classic Come Together for the minute-long ad.
Their debut album, Snapshot, is due out on September 6 and is produced by Chris Thomas, who has worked with The Beatles, Pink Floyd and U2.
The R’n’B four-piece – Ross Farrelly, Josh McClorey, Pete O’Hanlon and Evan Walsh – have been compared to the Rolling Stones and music legends Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher and Dave Grohl are all fans.