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2012 Bell Helmets

2012 Bell Helmets
2012 Bell Helmets Review Summary
Review Summary

Bell Helmets for 2012

February 18, 2012 – Bell Helmets is well known to motorcyclists around the world and the company has been on a roll over the last few years.

Bell is known for their innovative helmets, of course. But they also have probably the best and most varied collection of graphics and colors of any helmet manufacturer today.

Thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the President of the company has roots in design or art!

Walking through the Bell lineup is like being in an art gallery — no kidding!

And the cool graphics aren’t just reserved for the high-end helmets either.

For example, even the Bell Arrow, a $100 helmet that anchors the lineup, gets a huge selection of paint, including some new designs for 2012 with the outrageous Bell Arrow “Parts Bin” and “Ignite” graphics among them (photos below).

I’ll cover the revised Bell Revolver (review) flip-up, now called the Bell Revolver EVO, in a separate article. The Revolver was a decent effort for a new-to-Bell flip-up, but it needed a bit of work and apparently got it with the EVO remake.

The new Bell Mag-9 will also be covered separately; it replaces the long-lived Bell Mag-8 (review), which we reviewed many years ago and which has been — in a surprise to Bell — a very popular helmet.

Bell’s “Artist in Residence”, Skratch, is also on hand at the show, painting away on some helmets. Skratch designs are exclusive to Bell and can be found on the Bell Custom 500 (First Look) line, introduced at last year’s Dealer Expo. A new 2012 Bell Custom 500 Skratch Lace Green is shown below.

Bell even has a couple of Roland Sands Design Custom 500’s, along with an RSD Bell Star Carbon, all shown in photos below.

And finally, how about the new Bell Pit Boss (photos below). It’s a half-helmet with a hidden flip-down visor. The visor is clear on the first release but tinted visors will also become available. The Pit Boss also sees an innovation carried over from the Bell bicycle helmet line — the “Speed Dial” helmet adjustment system. This allows the wearer to turn a dial in the back for a bespoke fit. It also helps prevent helmet lift when riding. Very interesting!

Bell Star Carbon Roland Sands Design
Bell Star Roland Sands Designs.
Bell Star Carbon Roland Sands Design Close-up
Bell Star Roland Sands Designs close-up.
Bell Star Carbon Roland Sands Design Side View
Bell Star Roland Sands Designs side view.
Bell Star Carbon Roland Sands Design Top Vent
Bell Arrow Parts Bin
Bell Arrow “Parts Bin” graphic.
Bell Custom 500 Freedom Machine
Bell Custom 500 “Freedom Machine” throwback.
Bell Custom 500 Skratch Lace Green
Bell Custom 500 Skratch Lace Green.
Bell Pit Boss Helmet
Bell Pit Boss with unique flip-down visor.
Bell Pit Boss Removable Liner
Removable neck roll and Speed Dial system on the Bell Pit Boss.
Bell Pit Boss Speed Dial System
Bell Speed Dial helmet fit system, shown here on a Bell Drifter DLX.
Bell RS-1 Gearhead
Bell RS-1 in the new “Gearhead” graphic.
Bell RS-1 Stellar
Bell RS-1 in the new “Stellar” (not Stella!) graphics.
Bell Vortex Attack
Bell Vortex in the new “Attack” graphics.
Bell Mag-9 Helmets Red Silver White
Newly redesigned Bell Mag-9 in Red, Silver and White.
Bell Mag-9 Helmets
Bell Mag-9 helmets.
Bell Mag-9 Helmet Vent
Bell Mag-9 helmet vent.

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Publication Date:  February 18, 2012

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