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2010 Powersports Dealer Expo Live Report

webBikeWorld Live Report

The 2010 Powersports Dealer Expo is scheduled for this coming weekend at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The yearly event is the largest show in North America where motorcycle and powersports dealers can see and touch all of the latest products about to be released for the start of a new motorcycling season.

Why the show is held in February, long after the manufacturers have to design, develop and manufacture their products and after the dealers have placed orders, is a mystery. And why the show is in Indianapolis, rather than San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix or some other nice, warm spot is also beyond me.

Nevertheless, this would be the 7th year of live reporting from and all of the logistics are in place to make the trip.

UPDATE:  Sorry everyone, I couldn’t make the show. The Mid-Atlantic region has been pounded with back-to-back snowstorms over the last 5 days with a record snowfall of somewhere north of 30″, which has left me with chest-deep snow all around the house. The official webBikeWorld pickup truck is buried under about a 6 foot drift. This is the most snow at one time I have ever seen — and I lived in the snow belt of northern New York for many years

Not to worry — to be honest, word is the show is much smaller this year than last year, which wasn’t a good year either. We’ll still have plenty of reviews coming your way and I plan on attending the EICMA show in Milan in November to make up for it!

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