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10 Must-Have Parts to Improve Bike Performance and Look

motorbike performance and look

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If you want to ride your motorcycle faster and a turn heads at the same time, you need more than just the stock setup.

While aftermarket parts and upgrades vary greatly in price, here are our top 10 picks to improve performance and looks …

1) Mirrors

Mirrors are obviously a legal requirement, you need to be able to see what’s around you at all time. However, stock mirrors with their size and projection look horrible (especially on sports bikes).

Better-looking alternatives are CRG Hindsight or Blindsight Bar End Mirrors, which fit on either or both ends of your handlebars and come in sizes as small as 2 inches.

2) Reflectors

Stock reflectors also look gaudy and the majority of riders remove them or at least get colors that better suit their bike. Unlike mirrors, nobody is looking out for whether you have reflectors or not. But, for safety reasons, make sure you take some precautions if riding in the dark.

3) Exhaust System

The first and most obvious performance upgrade is the exhaust and almost any change to the stock will look better.

Performance exhausts allow for more air intake and less restriction of the gases, which means more combustion and more horsepower.

If the full thing is too pricey, you can also go for just a cool looking the muffler and slip on, which will still give you a power boost at the lower end.

Carbon fiber exhausts perhaps look the best, though titanium or steel is the most durable.

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4) Fender Eliminator Kit

Using a fender eliminator kit will greatly change the look of your bike for the better. There’s just something about all the extra bulk that looks ugly.

You’ll want to get a kit that’s specific to your make and model, but the process is fairly straightforward.

Note: Some kits will get rid of everything, while others will have their own mounting system.

Your only possible concern is having the license plate too far under the bike, which might prompt police attention. (Check the rules in your jurisdiction first.)

5) Air Filter

Along with a new exhaust system comes an upgraded air filter. This ensures cleaner air intake, which results in more efficient combustion. This will also make your bike last longer, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

6) Rear Seat Cowl

Another great visual modification to your bike is to add an OEM rear seat cowl. This basically fits on to the back of where the passenger seat would be, rendering your bike one-man only. However, the extra style is a nice way to finish the look of your bike and isn’t a big deal if you don’t have passengers anyway.

7) Suspension

A professional suspension setup will allow you to tune your bike to your personal weight, comfort, and handling. It will make your ride smoother and safer, especially if you have increased its power or made other performances changes.

8) Windscreen

Windscreens or windshields provide a practical and visual upgrade to your bike. As the name suggests, they stop the wind from hitting you in the face and well-designed shields also improve the aerodynamics of the bike.

There are many different styles, so it all depends on your personal preferences. Shields are also good for mounting cameras on.

9) Tires

Even new tires can look a lot better than stock and they’ll certainly perform better, as tires are perhaps the least considered part of the bike for manufacturers—usually because they know customers replace them anyway.

Tires play a big role in comfort, safety, and overall riding experience. So, so some research and experiment a little, so you can find the ones that best suit you.

10) Frame Sliders

Frame sliders are a safety feature that protects your bike from damage if it tips over or you corner and slide, but they also let others know that you ride fast and tight so they have somewhat of a visual appeal as well. They go on both sides of the bike on the engine mount bolts.

The above modifications will improve both power and the visual appeal of your bike, but your personal preferences will certainly point you in different directions. Let us know your own must-have parts in the comments below!