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Motorcycle Lifts, Stands and Wheel Chock Reviews

Motorcyle Lifts, Stands and Wheel Chock Reviews
wBW Motorcycle Lifts, Stands and Wheel Chock Reviews

Welcome to the webBikeWorld motorcycle stands, motorcycle lifts and motorcycle wheel chock reviews index!

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Front Wheel Chock Reviews

Wheeldock Review

The front entry folds down flat, which means low resistance when rolling the front wheel into the chock. Makes it easy for heavy cruisers or touring bikes.

Acebikes Steadystand Cross Review

Adjustable front wheel stand for dirt bikes with 21" tires, designed for a motorcycle trailer.

U.S. General Motorcycle Stand Review

Harbor Freight front wheel stand is cheap enough and has its pros and cons.

Baxley Sport Chock Review

Built to last through the apocalypse, this made in the U.S.A. front wheel stand is one of the best there is.

Smart Chock Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Interesting design adjusts the front "cup" to hold various sized front wheel diameters and widths.

Smart Chock Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Another precision laser cut design from Acebikes for garage floor use or on the trailer.

Acebikes Steady Stand

Simple, lightweight and strong, the Steady Stand is a marvel of design and engineering.

Motorcycle wheel chock - Bike-Grab

Interesting fixed design holds front wheels on a trailer with no moving parts.

Motorcycle front stand

Not all bikes have the correct holes in the bottom of the forks for a front stand, but if yours does, this stand can come in very handy.


Rear Wheel Stand Reviews

Steel Horse Swinarm Stand

One of the best all-around rear wheel stands to hold your bike in the garage or paddock.

Pit Bull Motorcycle Paddock Stand

Very robust build quality and specifically designed for many different bikes, including the Ducati Sportclassics shown in this review.


Motorcycle Wheel Roller Reviews

Easy Wheeler II Motorcycle Wheel Roller Review

Unreal quality and construction for a device that basically makes it a little easier to do a chain lube.

Motorcycle Wheel Roller

The original Easy Wheeler is a marvel of CNC machining, way overbuilt for what it does.

TailSwinger motorcycle storage stand

Move your bike in and out near a wall in the garage with this clever device.

TailSwinger motorcycle storage stand

Less expensive wheel roller helps make chain lubes easier.


Motorcycle Lift Reviews

Acebikes U-Turn Motor Mover Review

A unique folding motorcycle dolly is lightweight and requires a minimum of room to operate.

Snapjack Portable Jack Review

The Snapjack is a portable jack or lift for quick chain lubes or wheel maintenance when you're on the road.

Motorcycle table lift

The best motorcycle table lift there is, period. Expensive and built to last, this is the lift you see in every motorcycle shop.

Tommy Jack motorcycle lift

Strange device lifts one side of the bike to make chain lubes easier.

Bike-Lift motorcycle lift stand

Works best on motorcycles with a full frame, lifts the entire bike up in about the smallest footprint possible.

Motorcycle lift - Sears Motorcycle Jack

Owned by many but seems rather unstable, especially when trying to lift very heavy motorcycles like cruisers or tourers.


Motorcycle Trailer Tie-Down Reviews

Acebikes Brakefix

Front brake lever holder secures your motorcycle for parking on a hill or on a trailer.

Acebikes Tyrefix Review

Flexible rear wheel holder works great and is a must-have for trailering a motorcycle.

Quick Anchor Tie Down Review

Simple device helps add a tie down point on some types of motorcycle trailers.

Cargo Buckle Review

Indispensible tie down device we use on every trailer, it makes tying down a motorcycle so much easier. A must-have for trailering.

Tyre Down Motorcycle Trailer Tie Down Review

The original rear tire hold down for trailering, takes all of the stress off the suspension and holds the bike in an iron grip.

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Always remember to check twice and "Think Safety" when using a motorcycle stand, lift or trailer!

Motorcycle Lifts

Purchase plans from AFAB for $20 to build a motorcycle lift or a motorcycle table lift; also plans for a hydraulic press  |  Derek Weaver Co. has been selling Pro Cycle and other motorcycle lifts since 1984  |  Handy Industries makes a heavy-duty lift; nice looking stuff here and made in the U.S.A.  |  Kendon has a new motorcycle lift that looks different than others  |  Titan Lifts makes several heavy-duty motorcycle lifts that appear to be well made; they also have an interested motorcycle jack to lift a bike for a wheel change

Motorcycle Ramps

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Motorcycle Tie Downs & Straps

On the wBW Motorcycle Trailers page

Motorcycle Roll-Around Stands Move Motorcycles in the Garage

See the wBW review of the Acebikes U-Turn Motor Mover  |  wBW review of the TailSwinger motorcycle storage stand  |  Telefix makes the Moto Boy, claimed by some to be the best roll-around stand available  |  Becker Enterprises Motor Mover fits under the center stand and allows the motorcycle to be moved in tight spaces

Motorcycle Wheel Rollers

wBW review of the Easy Wheeler II  |  wBW review of the Easy Wheeler motorcycle wheel roller, a very high-end set of rollers to allow the rotation of the rear wheel for maintenance  |  wBW Review of the Rollastand, which makes front or rear wheel cleaning easy; the rollers allow easy turning of the bike's wheels; also good for chain maintenance

Motorcycle Stands Australia

Anderson Motorcycle Stands are "the most popular stands in Australia"; they make rear stands, front stands, swingarm pivot stands, single-sided swingarm stands and more 

Motorcycle Shelters and Garages

wBW Review of the Cycle Shell motorcycle garage

Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

wBW reviews listed above

Motorcycle Clothing and Gear
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