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License plate bolts

Motorcycle license plate bolts

Moto Bolts License Plate Bolts

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by B.K. for webBikeWorld

I found these MotoBolts license plate bolts a while ago, and finally got around to installing them on the "new" webBikeWorld 1998 Triumph Tiger (photos coming soon!).

These are made in the U.S.A. by the same company who makes valve caps.  We recently gave away a set of Moto Guzzi valve caps made by TVG Manufacturing during the first wBW contest.

These were too expensive at $9.95 for the pair, but they are stainless steel, so they shouldn't rust like the el cheapo license plate bolts sold at the corner hardware store.

I know, I know - the nylon bolts are just as good and they don't rust either, but hey, nothing's too good for your pride and joy, right??

I used a touch of blue Loctite when installing these to ensure that they don't vibrate off.  They look pretty cool in a subtle way - you'd have to get up pretty close to them to even recognize the skull and crossbones.

And Maryland puts the month tag up over the license plate mounting hole, which doesn't help.

MotoBolts are available in several different designs, including some modern and vintage motorcycle brands and international flags.

There are plenty of other cool-looking license plate bolts out there for less money than these.  Try Cruisin Classics for a really good selection of skull or dice bolts.  They also have some nice valve caps and other crazy stuff.

Custom Dynamics has some nice-looking LED license plate bolts also.

wBW visitor "J.R." has a couple of other ideas for license plate bolts: "I put my plates on with bronze bolts, which I get at marine stores like West Marine or BoatUS, or Chesapeake Marine Fasteners.  If you spray them with CorrosionX they don't turn green, and they look unusual and cool. 

You can also get stainless steel bolts at marine stores.  If you want REALLY GOOD SS bolts, the ones to get are made of 316 SS from McMaster-Carr, but this is going a little overboard.  On my boat, where even stainless will start to corrode in some places, I use 316 bolts etc in those locations.  Most of the stainless you see in ordinary applications is 304 or 18-8, which is not really very rust resistant."

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Product Review:  MotoBolts License Plate Bolts
Available From:  Instantop, Inc. Suggested Retail Price:  $9.95
Colors:  Various colors and designs. Made in:  U.S.A.
Product Comments:  Dress up your license plate with some cool-looking bolts.  Available in various designs, colors, flags, etc.
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