Leather Motorcycle Clothing

Leather Motorcycle Clothing

Welcome to the wBW Leather Motorcycle Clothing page! Information on motorcycle leathers, leather jackets, leather pants and more!

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wBW Leather Motorcycle Clothing Reviews

Bilt Trackstar Leather Pants  |  Spartan Leathers Charge 2.0 Race Suit  |  Dainese Alien Jacket and Dainese Alien Pants  |  AGV Sport Willow Leather Suit  |  Special Report: Gore-Tex Membranes Used in Motorcycle Clothing  |  Joe Rocket Speedmaster 5.0 Perforated Pants  |  GiMoto Custom Motorcycle Leathers  |  Schott Leather Motorcycle Jacket  |  Triumph Romero Jacket and Classic Jeans II Pants  |  Lookwell Viper One-Piece Suit  |  Vanson Leather Volante One-Piece Suit  |  Fox Creek Leather Chaps  |  Fox Creek Leather Chaps  |  Joe Rocket Blaster Perforated Pants

wBW Leather Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

M-Tech T-Sport Jacket  |  AGV Sport Element Vintage Leather Jacket  |  AGV Sport Breeze Jacket  |  Dainese Alien Leather Jacket and Dainese Alien Pants  |  Teiz Motorsports Saratoga Perforated Leather Jacket  |  British Motorcycle Gear Montana Jacket  |  Rynus Charisma  |  Rynus Ruah  |  Furygan "Fighter"  |  Joe Rocket Blaster 2.0 Perforated Jacket  |  Fox Creek Leather V 1.8  |  Fox Creek Vented Racing Jacket  |  Olympia Leather Jacket  |  Joe Rocket Speedmaster

Motorcycle Leathers: AKA Motorcycle Leathers has some cruiser and sport styled motorcycle leathers at reasonable prices  |  Akito Leathers - reasonably priced leather suits, jackets and pants  |  Bates leathers - World famous and made in the USA  |  Clover is back in business  |  Collins Leathers claims to use "full grain A grade Australian leather" in their suits, jackets and pants  |   Cruisin' Leather has many classic styles of leather jackets, pants and more for both men and women  |  Fox Creek Leather makes some high-quality leather jackets, pants, chaps and more  |  HEA Leathers are made in the USA, does anyone know where you can purchase them?  |  Johnson Leathers in San Francisco; they supply the SF police force  |  Komodo Leathers has suits, jackets, pants, boots, and custom made clothing for race or street  |  Discount Leather has many different styles of riding leathers for men and women  |  Leather Lollipop has many different styles of leather jackets, pants, gloves and more for men and women  |  Only Leather Jackets has some interesting jackets with style  |  Speedleather has a variety of leather motorcycle jackets at reasonable prices, many with armor  |  Pilot made clothing for motorcycle manufacturers and now offers custom and off-the-rack suits, jackets and pants direct to customer  |  Thurlow Leatherworld - Craftsman-made deerskin jackets, clothing and gloves; deerskin breathes better than other leathers and is claimed to grip better, has higher abrasion resistance and is washable  |  Vanson Leathers - High quality stock and custom made leathers; made in the USA and a nice company to deal with; will customize just about any item in their product line for you

Motorcycle Leathers UK:  Arc-on "run by bikers for bikers" makes reasonably priced leather jackets and pants  | Bifax International distributes Buffalo, Duchinni, Diadora and MTech  |  Scott Leathers are custom made in the U.K. |  Triumph has a nice selection of leather jackets, pants and suits; available at any Triumph dealer  |  Wolf Leathers made in England

Motorcycle Leather Clothing Retailers:  Kneedraggers has a large variety of leather one and two piece suits from a variety of manufacturers  |  Joe  Rocket has many different styles of leather jackets and pants

Leather Definitions:  Here's a glossary of terms used in the leather industry

Kangaroo Leather:  Kangaroo leather is claimed to be lighter and more abrasion resistant than many other leathers  |  M-Tech has leather suits and clothing made from "first high quality cow leather in the world to have the same abrasion characteristics of kangaroo having similar weight"  |  Wolf makes a Kangaroo leather suit  |  GiMoto suits are made in Italy and available in cowhide or Kangaroo leather; available at Motostrano

Deerskin:  Sunset Creek Deerskin has a variety of gloves, jackets and other products made from deerskin for men and women; see the wBW review of the Sunset Creek women's deerskin motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle Clothing and Gear
With This Link to RevZilla!

Custom Made Leathers:  wBW review of a custom-made GiMoto one-piece leather suit  |  How to Buy a Leather Motorcycle Suit article  |  Barnacle Bill's Leathers - custom made at reasonable prices; good reputation  |  BKS Leather (U.K.) has custom made leather one-piece, two-piece and women's suits, gloves and more  |  Celtic Leathers are made on the Isle of Man  |  Classic Motorcycle Jackets will custom-tailor a motorcycle jacket for you; they also have classic gloves  |  Crowtree Leathers have been making custom made suits for motorcycle racers for many years  |  Joyda Racing Leathers - since 1978; custom made; also alterations and repairs  |  Hideout Leathers in the U.K. makes high-quality custom made leathers  |  Langlitz Leathers has been making custom leather motorcycle clothing for nearly 100 years  |  Mars Leathers are made in Australia; they also make kangaroo motorcycle leathers  |  MJK Motorcycle Leathers - off the rack or custom made  |  Motogear USA has off-the-rack and custom made leather one- and two-piece suits for reasonable prices  |  MW Leathers used to have custom-made only leathers; are they still in business?  |  Pilot USA makes custom leathers and sells a small selection of jackets and gloves  |  Prexport - an Italian maker of leather riding suits and boots; you can custom order a suit on their website  |  Custom leather bib overalls and jackets at Stone Lake Leatherworks  |  SYED also makes custom-made leathers at reasonable prices; guaranteed fit and they also repair any make of leathers  |  Tiger Angel is an Australian firm that will custom make leathers; they also have Cordura pants and jackets; you can do some customization on their website  |  Z Custom Leathers - Custom leathers; pants; one piece race suits; jackets and more

Leather Repair
Motorcycle Leather Repair - Before

A tooth broke on the zipper fly of these Joe Rocket Blaster perforated leather pants (photo above). I took them to Outback Leather in Laurel, Maryland for repair. They finished the job in 2 hours and it cost $25.00. I chose this heavy-duty metal YKK zipper to replace the Nylon teeth of the original (photo below).

Outback will repair any type of leather; they specialize in motorcycle and horseback riding apparel and gear. They'll take orders on custom-made bridle quality saddlebags!

Motorcycle Leather Repair - After

Leather Repair:  Byson Repairs & Alterations (UK) alter, customise and repair motorcycle clothing with over 25 years experience working with bike leathers and technical fabrics  |  Got Road Rash is focused on the repair and refurbishment of motorcycle leather clothing  |  Dobbs Leather is an authorized repair and alteration center for Nevis, Texport, Furygan and Lookwell Leathers

Motorcycle Leather Racing Suits - One Piece Suits:  Alpinestars is one of the well-known brands with many different suit designs  |  Madif distributes Arlen Ness and Berik leathers in the UK  |  Bering Leathers - made in France; they have special adjusters to relax or tighten the fit  |  Corsa Leathers has race-replica street jackets for men and women and also leather pants  |  Crowtree Leathers - custom made leathers  |  Dainese Leathers - Italian quality leathers, Cordura and boots  |  Dannisport Leathers were used by many British motorcycle racers; are they still in business?  |  Erbo Leathers are made in Germany and available at Helimot  |  Frank Thomas makes a variety of reasonably priced leather suits and clothing  |  Furygan leathers are now available in the U.S.A. at Van Ellis Ltd. and at DMA Motorcycles and MaxMoto in the U.K.  GiMoto suits available at Motostrano  |  Kobe Leathers - Looks like good stuff at reasonable prices; 1.7mm cowhide full race leathers at low prices; also have a perforated leather jacket very reasonably priced  |  Kushitani high-end leathers  |  IM Leather in Canada makes leathers for touring and racing  |  J. Lindo Leathers; another one bites the dust?  |  MTech is a relatively new company making leather suits  |  MQP Leathers (Netherlands)  |  REV'IT! makes some nice products; they also make leather suits  |  RST Leathers (U.K.)  |  Scott Leathers (U.K.)  |  Shift had mid-range leather suits  |  SPIDI - Fine Italian leathers  |  Spyke - High quality leathers, made in Italy and used by many racers  |  Teknic Motorcycle Wear makes a variety of nice leathers and gloves at various price ranges  |  Texport Leathers were made in Italy; are they still in business?  |  TopEndz - Canadian pricing on RST leathers  |  Wintex leathers and textile clothing are imported into the USA by Moto Heaven; they also carry XES brand leathers  |  Wolf leathers 

Women's Motorcycle Leathers:  Alpinestars has a line of leather race suits for women  |  See also the wBW Women's Motorcycle Clothing page

Children's Motorcycle Leather Clothing:  Kid's race suits by GiMoto available at Motostrano

Post-Apocalyptic Leathers:  Not sure how to characterize AbbyShot Clothiers, but if you're looking for a Mad Max leather jacket (literally), this is where you'll find it!

Used Leathers:  Motorcycle Leather Exchange - used and new leathers; also seconds from Vanson  |  NewEnough - is a dealer for Vanson, Fieldsheer, Teknic, Joe Rocket, HJC, Wintex and Olympia; they also have boots by Alpinestars and Prexport; also carry used leathers

Leather and Clothing Reviews:  Check out the wBW review index for reviews of leather jackets and pants for men and women  |  Michael Fitzpatrick's Guide to Motorcycle Leathers  |  Z Custom Leathers makes custom leathers; pants; one piece race suits; jackets and more; here's a review of Z leathers  |  SYED also makes custom-made leathers at reasonable prices; guaranteed fit and they also repair any make of leathers; here's a review of Syed leathers  |  Review of motorcycle boots and other products at Motorcycle News U.K. |  Gearhead Joe provides customized reports with recommendations on clothing, helmets and more

"Classic" Motorcycle Leathers and Apparel:  Aero Leather Clothing (UK) has horsehide, retro and vintage leathers -- the "real thing"  |  AKA Leather and Motorcycle Accessories has some nice-looking "American classic" cruiser style leathers at reasonable prices  |  Becker Classic Clothing makes a large selection of vintage-look leather jackets, helmets, gloves and more  |  The Biker's Den has classic and cruiser styled leathers, jackets, chaps and more  |  Lewis Leathers since 1892, makes several classic designs from the 1950's and 1960's; also classic style leather motorcycle boots  |  Lookwell Leathers - made in Holland for over 25 years; now available also at Lookwell U.S.A.  |  Lost Worlds has some pretty neat reproduction leather motorcycle jackets, including police jackets from the '50's and '60's  |  Richa Leathers made in Belgium  |  Classic Motorcycle Jackets will custom-tailor a motorcycle jacket for you; they also have classic gloves  |  Kerr Leathers - Made in the USA; mostly cruiser stuff; many styles for women  |  Schott is the real deal - they invented the original leather motorcycle jacket and it's still made in the U.S.A. |  Taylor's Leatherwear supplies leather jackets to many state police forces in the U.S. |  See the Classic Motorcycle Helmets section on the wBW Motorcycle Helmets page

Leather Care:  See the wBW Leatherguard review; Leatherguard by Liquigard is claimed to protect leather from spills, stains and scuffing and maintain the leather's natural appearance  |  See the wBW Danasť Leather Rx review  |  Dubbin is an ancient British product for protecting leather and is also recommended by some as an anti-slip motorcycle seat treatment  |  Chelsea Leather Food is another old-time leather treatment used on leather motorcycle clothing  |  Doc Bailey makes a variety of leather "remedies and tonics" to help maintain or waterproof leather  |  Preservation Solutions makes several leather care and restoration products, some used by museums; their Leather Saver leather conditioner is claimed to restore dried leather to its original condition

Under-leather Wear:  Performance under-leather wear -- wear these under your leathers to keep cool in summer and warm in winter; move freely inside your leathers and keep your leathers in better shape  |  The wBW Review of Rukka and Biker's Comfort in Action windproof underwear  |  Apparel made from Holofiber is claimed to help oxygenate the skin; see the wBW review of Holofiber Performance Underwear  |  Extreme Racing Suits - a selection specially designed garments to wear under leathers that are claimed to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter; free shipping anywhere in the world  |  More under-leather wear from Receka  |  EDZ Performance Clothing (UK) underwear and other windproof clothing  |  LD Comfort makes a motorcycle underwear riding short  |  BMW Functional Underwear for summer at A&S Cycles

Hangers for Motorcycle Riding Gear and Leathers:  See the wBW Hi-Per Hanger product review  |  The Shoulder Saver drying and storage hanger is available at Baker Fullbody Products; see the wBW review of the Baker Fullbody hanger

Connecting Leather Jackets to Pants - Zipper FAQ: Here's something I've been looking for -- a FAQ on how to connect different brands of jackets and pants via their built-in zippers; it's at the New Enough website

How Leathers Are Made: Interesting video tour of the Vanson factory (Google video) includes an overview of how motorcycle leathers are manufactured.

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