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There are many different types of polishes and cleaners that are appropriate for use on motorcycles.

Hawg-Wash, a division of Classic Motoring Accessories, sells automotive and motorcycle care products to both consumers and professional detailers.

They have a manufacturing division that produces the Blackfire brand of car care products, Eimann Fabrik professional detailing products, and Sonus and Pinnacle car care products.

They sent a selection of motorcycle care products for review. I specifically wanted to get a couple of the more unique or interesting products that are either new to the U.S. market or that are out of the ordinary in addition to some of the basic items that many motorcyclists use.

Now, it's just about impossible to do an empirical and objective test with data on these type of products. I took some photos, but they definitely do not do justice to the before/after results.

So you'll have to take the webBikeWorld subjective judgment on this -- and remember, your mileage may vary!

One more thing -- I have to confess that I'm the complete opposite of the "rat bike" owner -- I'm one of those fussy motorcycle owners who prefer having their bikes look like they just rolled off the showroom floor.

But, I'd rather be riding, wrenching or admiring (in that order) then spending a lot of time sweating and rubbing various concoctions on my bike to keep it clean.  

So I have a built-in bias (sucker?) for products that have key words like "instant", "do it all", "multi-purpose", "easy", etc. It seems that with 21st century technology there just has to be the ultimate degreaser/cleaner/polisher/protector that works instantly and with no elbow grease on metal, plastic, rubber, paint, glass, windscreens, etc.

All of these products can be characterized by one of those keywords, with the exception of Wenol. It still takes some good old-fashioned elbow grease to polish metal!   But read on, and enjoy -- we think you'll find something in this review that can help you minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning your bike so that you can maximize the time spent riding it!

wBW Review: Motorcycle Cleaners, Waxes and Polish from Hawg-Wash
Available From: Hawg-Wash
Products Reviewed:  Black Again - Plastic cleaner and renewal;  Auto Glym - All-in-one cleaner and polish;  Wenol - Metal polish;  Rim Magic - Wheel rim cleaner;  Luster Detailer - Quick shine between washings;  S100 Engine Brightener - Cleans and protects black painted motorcycle engines and other black plastic.    
Product Purpose wBW Flaming Helmet Rating*
Black Again Plastic cleaner/renewal
Auto Glym All-in-one cleaner/polish
Wenol Metal polish
Rim Magic Wheel rim cleaner
Luster Detailer Quick shine between washings
S100 Engine Brightener Cleans and protects engines
*The Eminently Subjective wBW Flaming Helmet Rating System
5 Helmets Outstanding product that "surprises and delights" and does more than expected.
4 Helmets Excellent product that does what it says and maybe a bit more .
3 Helmets Average product that works as expected.
2 Helmets Works about equal to equivalent products.
1 Helmet Works, but there are better alternatives.
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