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Motorcycle Metal Polishing

Motorcycle Metal Polishing Reviews and Information

Information on polishing metal motorcycle parts and wheels, including links to different types of metal polish, wheel polish and more!

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More on the wBW Motorcycle Cleaning and Polishing and Product Reviews page, including many different reviews of motorcycle waxes, polishes and cleaners for paint, windshields and other surfaces.

Motorcycle Metal & Frame Polishing:  Mirror Finish Polishing provides metal polishing for aluminum, steel, titanium and other metals  |  3M has many polishes and paint surface preparation compounds; their “Finesse It II” product recently won top honors in a Motorcycle Consumer News article on scratch removers  |  Many high quality cleaning and polishing products for show cars are available at DC Car Care  |  Charlie’s Soap is supposed to be pretty good stuff for cleaning motorcycles  |  See the wBW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance page for a section on cleaning aluminum engine cases and parts  |  Top of the Line carries many different products for motorcycle detailing, including brushes for cleaning motorcycle wheels  |  Mirror Image specializes in custom polishing of aluminum sportbike frames, swingarms, rims and any small parts – wBW Visitor “T.U.” used their service and writes: “I had my bike frame polished by Mirror Image Polishing from your site and they did an excellent job. Thanks for the referral.”

Refinishing Aluminum Parts – Engine Cases:  Some motorcyclists use “PBW” (Powdered Brewery Wash), a fairly inert buffered product used to clean aluminum brewery utensils, kegs, etc. available from many beer making stores

Clearcoat for Aluminum and Metal Parts:  Some users have reported good results using Eastwood Diamond clearcoat products (search for item # 10200 Z from the home page); you can polish aluminum or metal and then clearcoat it to protect it and keep it shiny

Chrome Cleaners, Chrome Polish, Chrome Bluing Removal:  See wBW Reviews of motorcycle cleaners and polishes  |  More on the wBW Motorcycle Metal Polishing page, including Refinishing Aluminum Parts – Engine Cases and Clearcoat for Aluminum and Metal Parts

Motorcycle Metal Polishing:  Blue Diamond Metal Polish (wBW review) is an easy-to-use liquid chrome polish that works well  |  Blue Job Chrome Restorer (wBW review) claims to remove bluing and stains on chrome pipes, copper, brass or stainless; money-back guarantee  |  Blue Away (wBW review) is yet another chrome polish  |  English Custom Polish has a complete “system” for removing dirt and for polishing all types of bare metals  |  Flitz is a stainless steel or chrome cleaner; they also carry micofiber cloths and metal polishes  |  Stirling Chrome Polish – NOTE: it appears that they are no longer in business, can anyone confirm?  |  GP Motorcycle Metal Polish (UK)  |  Mother’s Billet Metal Polish and Mag and Aluminum Polish; they also carry Chrome Polish and Clearcoat Wheel Polish and polishing pads  |  Magic Mix Metal Polish is also known as the “Lazy Man’s Polish”; available at Holeshot Performance

wBW Video:  Metal Polishing With Star Clean Metal Polish

Chrome Plating:  Custom Coatings does copper-nickel-chrome triple electroplating (chrome plating) of plastic parts, including fiberglass; they can also restore pot metal parts  |  Graves Plating has been doing it for 50 years  |  Classic Components has been plating since 1987; specializes in wheels  |  Try Blue-Job, “the world’s best chrome polish”, made in the USA, satisfaction guaranteed and supposedly works to restore blued chrome pipes  |  Perfect Plating (Camden, SC) has many chromed motorcycle wheels in stock or will chrome yours “fast”; also do chrome plating and gold plating on wheels and swingarms; no website, call 803-424-0507  |  Cyrus A-chrome (Willingboro, NJ) does chrome and gold plating on aluminum, steel and plastic; no website, call 609-871-1489

Anodizing:  See the wBW Technical Articles page for information on DIY anodizing  |  Here’s a source for anodizing – R&J Metal Finishing, 273 Gould Ave., Depew, NY ( Near Buffalo), 716-683-2838, Diane Willis Owner, $ 35.00 min charge, UPS daily, many many colors ( black, red, yellow, pink, purple, blue, green, brown) she can turn parts around the same day most of the time  |  See the footpeg section below for sources for anodized footpegs

wBW Video:  Wheel Polishing Products Demonstrated

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