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Zooke Anti-Fog Review

Review Summary
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Zooke Z-Spritz. Does It Work?

Zooke anti-fog treatment is popular with skiers.

It’s available as a wax or spray.

Unfortunately, it did not prevent visor fogging during our review.

This review will be short and sweet.

Zooke “Z-Spritz” (the liquid version of Zooke anti-fog) did not prevent visor fogging during our evaluation.

That doesn’t mean that it never works; just that it is not effective for us.

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Evaluating Anti-Fog Treatments

We understand the problems with evaluating anti-fog treatments and there are several reviews of anti-fog treatments and other solutions on webBikeWorld.

Also, be sure to read the webBikeWorld report “Methods for Evaluating Visor Anti-Fog Treatments“.

That article notes that release agents and other factory coatings can have a dramatic effect on the performance of aftermarket anti-fog products.

This is why we purchased plain, untreated sheets of polycarbonate to use for evaluating anti-fog products.

Also, we used the face shield from the new Arai Quantum-X helmet (review) without its Pinlock insert installed.

That face shield in particular quickly becomes fogged when riding in cold weather.

Apparently, it was not treated with any anti-fog coatings at the factory.

Zooke Anti-Fog Treatment

Zooke is available as a wax or a liquid. We purchased two 1.0 ounce bottles of the Zooke Z-Spritz blue liquid, which has a light flowery aroma.

Applying the Zooke anti-fog solution according to directions is very easy.

However, we noted no difference in fogging after the Zooke treatment on either the polycarbonate sheet of the face shield.

The face shield quickly becomes fogged while riding in our cold and damp late Fall weather.

We tried repeated applications and obtained the same results, using the “breath test”.

Un-retouched (resized only) photos are shown below, outside temperature 42 F (5.5 C) and 28 F (-2 C), damp

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Riding With Zooke

We noticed no difference in fogging in the untreated vs. Zooke-treated on the polycarbonate and no difference while riding with the Quantum-X face shield treated with Zooke.

Several re-applications on different rides yielded the same result.

Zooke Anti-Fog Untreated
Clear untreated polycarbonate sheet before the “breath test”. Temperature 42 F (5.5 C).
Zooke Anti-Fog Treated
Polycarbonate sheet with Zooke anti-fog coating on the right half after the “breath test”. Temperature 42 F (5.5 C).
Motorcycle Helmet Visor Untreated
Untreated face shield from the Arai Quantum-X before the “breath test”.
Motorcycle Helmet Visor Treated With Zooke Anti-Fog
Quantum-X face shield after Zooke anti-fog treatment after the “breath test”.
Motorcycle Helmet Visor Treated With Zooke Close Focus
Quantum-X face shield after Zooke anti-fog treatment and the “breath test”. Close focus. Temperature 28 F (-2 C).
Motorcycle Helmet Visor Treated With Zooke Far Focus
Quantum-X face shield after Zooke anti-fog treatment and the “breath test”. Distance focus. Temperature 28 F (-2 C).


The Zooke anti-fog product didn’t work for us. If you have a different experience, feel free to send comments (below).

In the meantime, our current favorite anti-fog treatment of choice is the Pinlock insert, which now comes with many different motorcycle helmets.

Alternatively, Clarity Defog It (review) has been effective.

Or, try FogTech Anti-Fog Coating (review), which is very effective but slightly fussy to apply.

Again, note that your results with any anti-fog treatment may and probably will vary, depending on any coatings that may have been applied to the face shield during manufacturing and other factors.

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wBW Review: Zooke Anti-Fog Treatment
Manufacturer: Zooke List Price (2016): $11.95 for 1.0 oz.
Colors: Blue liquid Made In: Unknown
Review Date: December 2016

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Owner Comments And Feedback

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From “D.L.” (December 2016): “Just read your review of Zooke spray. I have used the wax for many years while living and riding on the California foggy central coast. I waxed my glasses every morning that prevent fogging.

My helmet visor (Scorpion) is treated at the factory but both sides of my glasses were a problem.

Apply the wax directly to the glasses with index finger, allow to glaze, then wipe clean with microfiber cloth. Application is good all day, unless you clean your glasses during the day.”

From “A.D.” (December 2016): “Am I imagining things, or does the actual face shield in the photos have its Pinlock lens installed?

I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that a Pinlock is not polycarbonate like the face shield. You’re not supposed to apply anything to the insert, right? Just curious.”

Editor’s Reply: The face shield shown does not have the Pinlock insert installed. You’re seeing the molded recess for the Pinlock and the Pinlock pins to install the insert, which is still in the box.

The Arai Quantum-X comes with a Pinlock insert in the box, not installed.

From “A.P.” (December 2016): “Some years back I stopped at a Zooke vendor booth in a Superbike event and was impressed by the steam test they did on a face shield (treat one half, put it above a steamer, the Zooke side stayed clear).

I bought the spray and the wax, but neither one worked in real life conditions.

I was able to replicate the steam test at home, but (un)fortunately, my riding routes never took me above a pot of boiling water.

They now sit in my tank bag, paying silent homage to PT Barnum.”

From “J.P.” (December 2016): “Save your money and just buy a Pinlock shield. Been there, done that. Same results here for Zooke, et al.”

From “K.H.” (December 2016): “Zooke is quite the thing with a number of highly experienced riders. I’m not of that caliber, but I’ve had nothing but success with Zooke. Which is why I mentioned it to you all.

I now stand corrected. Facts are facts, thanks for putting them out there. I may still buy another bottle, or I might try your Clarity Defog It.

These treatments seem expensive, but the cost means nothing when you’re confronting a loss of visual acuity. In the rain or cold or cold rain, a fogged shied is very dangerous.”