Zillers Garage Crafts the Futuristic BMW R nineT We All Really Want

Zillers Garage BMW R nineT

Going From Retro Styling to Futuristic

The Zillers Garage is a Russian outfit that has created one of the coolest BMW R nineT motorcycles out there. The design studio was going to reveal the motorcycle at the Motovesna Motorcycle Show, but of course, that event was canceled. So, the team showcased it digitally on social media.

The first thing you notice about the bike is its custom bodywork. The bodywork is aluminum and painted in a sleek gray. The curves are unique and the cylinder heads poke out to either side of the bike. The wheels have a turbine quality to them and the handlebars are in a low, almost cafe-racer position. The front of the bike features a single round headlight, like a single eye.

The engine is unchanged. It’s the same 1,100cc boxer twin engine that makes 110 hp at 7,700 rpm. The suspension is a special setup. It’s a hydraulic system. The bike sits just centimeters off the ground, but as you can see in the video below, it can be raised up at the push of a button. We here at the WBW staff discussed it, and we agreed it had a Tron-like quality to it. There’s also a kind of sci-fi apocalypse aesthetic, which seems appropriate given the circumstances in the world right now.