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You Will Be Able to Preorder the Jawa Perak Soon

Jawa Perak

A New Model for 2020

Jawa Motorcycles will allow for pre-orders of its new Perak blacked-out bobber in January of 2020. That’s now, people. Unfortunately, this bike isn’t available in the U.S. It should be a hit in India, though. The company plans to start making deliveries in April of this year. 

Jawa Motorcycles has had a bit of a rocky revival so far. It was met with a lot of fanfare at first, but the company struggled to keep up with demand and then the bikes that were delivered didn’t do so great in terms of quality. The parent company Mahindra called the revival a product failure, according to RideApart. Hopefully, that will change in 2020. 

The Perak has classic bobber styling that harkens back to the former Jawas. The bike also comes with a liquid-cooled 334cc engine. It’s no powerhouse, but it hits the market right where most of the riders are, and it will compete directly with Royal Enfield.

The Perak should be a hit. It is a beautiful-looking motorcycle and will entice a lot of riders over to the Jawa team. However, if the production rollout and deliveries are as bad as the previous model, then the company could struggle. Also, the bikes have to be of reasonably high quality, or it could be a big stamp of disapproval for the brand. Time will tell. Personally, I hope Jawa can pull it off. I’d like to see the company prosper enough so that it at least thinks of kicking a model over to us North Americans.